The Feline Gang are a minor antagonistic force in the Extinctioners universe but played a massive role in shaping the qualities of one of the series main protagonists, Scarlet.

Growing up in a space-station Scarlet had a very close bond with her older brother and idolized him, he was a pilot and although young Scarlet always dreamed of being like him.

Thus he arranged to take her to see one of the jets as a surprise on her fourth birthday, unfortunately for both they ended up being ambushed by a feline gang who robbed and killed Scarlet's brother in front of her eyes - traumatizing her as she could do nothing as her beloved brother was taken from her.

The incident haunted Scarlet and when she learned the gang did not get caught or punished for the murder she grew xenophobic towards feline and this rage-fuelled prejudice stuck with her well into adulthood, eventually she would overcome it when the Invasion Force started to attack Alden but ultimately she held the guilt and hatred of the Feline Gang's actions for many years and it profoundly darkened her view of the world.

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