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You're taking this Jew lie detector test.
~ Kendrickson to Flip Zimmerman.

Felix Kendrickson is one of the two main antagonists (along with David Duke) in the 2018 Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman.

He was portrayed by Jasper Pääkkönen, who will also play a version of Randall Flagg in the upcoming The Dark Tower-series on Amazon Video.


A member of the Colorado branch of the Ku Klux Klan, Kendrickson was married to Connie Kendrickson. He was more extreme than other members of the Klan, and more willing to commit terrorist activities if the Klan could avoid increased law enforcement attention.

Kendrickson was paranoid and deeply suspicious of outsiders. When Flip Zimmerman infiltrated the Klan under the name Ron Stallworth, Kendrickson was immediately suspicious of the new arrival, and tried to force Zimmerman to take a "Jew Lie Detector Test" at gunpoint. The actual Stallworth the Klan had been speaking with over the phone was able to cause a distraction which cemented the loyalty of Zimmerman in the minds of the local Klan.

Still suspicious of Stallworth, Kendrickson found the real Stallworth's address and went to his apartment. When the real Stallworth opened the door, Kendrickson apologized and said he had been to the wrong address. Zimmerman was able to talk the other Klan members in to believing that the existence of what Kendrickson called "his twin" was merely a coincidence.

Soon chapter President Walter Breachway decided to step aside and endorsed Stallworth as his successor, feeling that an extremist like Kendrickson would cause a lot of trouble for the Klan.

Learning that prominent black activist Patrice Dumas was coming to town Kendrickson and explosives expert Walker recruited Connie and fellow Klansman Ivanhoe to help them bomb the site where the activist was speaking to black union students. A heavy police presence dissuaded Connie from carrying out that bombing, and she went to place the bomb at local activist Patrice's house instead. When the bomb wouldn't fit in the mailbox, Connie placed it under Patrice's car.

Kendrickson soon arrived and parked next to Patrice's car. Not knowing where his wife had placed the bomb, Kendrickson activated the detanator. The explosion engulfed Patrice's car as well as the vehicle he, Walker and Ivanhoe were in, killing all three. Arrested by the Colorado Springs police, Connie faced serious time for her actions.

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