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Do you believe in Santa Claus?... Yeah, me neither. But my children do. They are still small. But do you know who they like even better than Santa Claus? His helper, Pedro Negro. Black Peter. There's an old Mexican tale that tells of how Santa Claus got so very busy looking out for the good children that he had to hire some help to look out for the bad children. So he hired Pedro. And Santa Claus gave him a list with all the names of all the bad children, and Pedro would come every night to check them out. And the people, the little kids that were misbehaving, that were not saying * their prayers, Pedro would leave a little wooden donkey on their windows. And he would come back and if the children were still misbehaving, he would take them away and nobody would ever see them again. Now, if I am Santa Claus and you are Pedro, how do you think jolly old Santa Claus would feel if one day Pedro came into his office and said, 'I lost the list.'? How f--ing furious do you think Santa Claus would get?!"
~ Felix threatening Max Durocher whilst mistaking him as Vincent.

Felix "Reyes" Torrena is the secondary antagonist of the 2004 crime thriller film Collateral.

He is a nefarious drug lord and apparently the reigning crime kingpin of Los Angeles who hired Vincent to assassinate local attorney Annie Farrell and four witnesses in a bid to avoid being put in his impending trial, which effectively staged the events of the movie.

He is portrayed by Javier Bardem, who also portrayed Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men, Felix Marti in The Gunman, Raoul Silva in Skyfall, Him in mother!, and Captain Armando Salazar in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


Felix Reyes Torrena is considered to be the undisputed crime kingpin of Los Angeles, otherwise a high-ranking member of the criminal underworld within LA, who is indirectly the source behind the case which US attorney Annie Farrell shares with the film's protagonist Max Droucher, who would further uncover this knowledge when he unknowingly collects Felix's hitman Vincent and is consequently involved with the first three out of five hits within Felix's list.

Once Max destroys Vincent's briefcase in a bid to sabotage his employment, he is forced to visit Felix in his nightclub where he poses as Vincent. Initially suspicious and becoming quite angry upon learning that "his stuff was lost", Felix eventually falls for the trick and gives Max the last two targets assigned to be killed. Once Max leaves, however, Felix secretly assigns his bodyguard Paco to follow "Vincent" to his next target and kill him should if something goes wrong. Felix is not seen again for the rest of the movie, but his quest to have "Vincent" killed backfires when the real Vincent rescues Max by killing Paco and his henchmen, before going on to kill the target and his bodyguards whilst the local authorities - aware of the Felix case - besiege the clubhouse in an unsuccessful attempt to protect the target from Vincent.

Eventually, Felix's plan is completely foiled after Max manages to save Annie - Felix's final target - and defeat Vincent in a nightly gunfight, resulting in the latter's death. Though it is not aware of what happened afterwards, it is highly regarded that Annie would go on to complete her case against Felix as he was the one who hired Vincent to eliminate the five targets, thus being directly responsible for the events of the film.


Felix, for a crime lord, was bitterly cold and apathetic - as shown when he callously speaks to Max about the issue with his case and becomes quite angry upon learning that Max "forgot his stuff". It also turns out that Felix is a father when he speaks of his children during his one-time interaction with Max.


  • Though Vincent is the primary antagonist throughout the film, Felix is the Bigger Bad of Collateral since he was the one who hired Vincent to eliminate five targets and is thus responsible for the events that occur within the film.
  • Javier Bardem will later portray another character also named Felix in the action film The Gunman where he is also the secondary antagonist.
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