The Fence Shadow is a fence-themed Shadow Monster and is the main antagonist in episode 19 of the 2014 TV series Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He was voiced by Katsuya Shiga who previously voiced CC Chakko from Carranger, Jukukinoko from Hurricanger and a Sprayloid from Go-Busters.


Fence Shadow was sent by Miss Grita to attack the ToQgers with his Iron Fence Lance that can fire projectile spears and the Barbed Wire Fence that he uses to trap his targets and electrocute them on behalf of General Schwarz.

After the ToQgers defeat Fence Shadow with a Rock Slide variation of the Rainbow Rush, (which is a warning sign that was fired next to Fence Shadow saying watch out for rock slide, as if on cue a bunch rocks came hurdling down the hillside towards Fence Shadow as he manage to save himself by putting up a fence, but with so much weight that the rocks are putting on his fence-like platform that it crushed him) the ToQgers enter the Build Ressha as it reconfigures into Build Dai-Oh. Reclaiming the Drill Ressha, Build Dai-Oh becomes Build Dai-Oh Drill and destroys Fence Shadow with its Shovel Drill Double Crash attack.

Later, he is brought back as a ghost by Tombstone Shadow, alongside Jack-in-the-box Shadow and Pin Spot Shadow to back him up in his giant battle against the ToQgers. He was destroyed again alongside Pin Spot Shadow by ToQ-Oh Car Carrier Tank's Car Carrier Tank Shoot.

Fence Shadow was later part of a group of revived Shadow Monsters who fought the ToQgers and Kyoryugers. He ends up being destroyed again alongside the other revived Shadow Monsters by the two Sentai Teams' (bar their Reds) combined finishers, the Imagination Brave Finish.



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