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Without Oogway I can Shifu and assume my place as ruler of the Jade Palace. The strong must rule the weak, they will fall!
~ Fenghuang

Fenghuang is a recurring antagonist in the series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Fenghuang is an ex-member of Oogway's Furious Five and a teammate of Shifu, She defects upon being a slave to her prowess and attempts to usurp Oogway in a fit of jealousy, leading her to get banished from the team. She is a trained and megalomaniacal combatant and elemental dark sorceress.

She was voiced by Wendy Malick.


Fenghuang is a purple and grey Eurasian Eagle Owl with a white face, purple and yellow eyes, and thick eyebrows. She also displays lipstick and purple robes.


Historically, it's known that the strongest members of the Furious Five are known to defect and be swayed to the side of evil. Fenghuang became one such corrupt member, as she was the most powerful combatant of the Five and a remarkable sorceress and flyer. She attempts to overrule Oogway and tries to kill him, however he defeats her, forcing her to retreat. He also builds an owl-shaped cage to contain her.

Meeting Po

Fenghuang is first known to Po, the dragon warrior when he starts to replicate the chi/magic based kung fu techniques that she used. Under the impression that he will turn evil, Po retreats to the high mountains where he meets Fenghuang. When he lets it slip that Oogway is dead, she plots to attack the Jade Palace. Po however catches up to her and pretends to become corrupt, fakingly killing Shifu with a fake blade. They trap her in the owl-shaped cage and send her to Chorgon Prison.

Attacking the auction

Fenghuang manages to escape captivity and assaults the Five at their auction, but injures her wing and talons. She retreats to the mountains where the Five confront her, and she puts up a fight with Crane till the smaller and more agile areal warrior defeats her.

Rejoining her old team

Fenghuang is paroled from Chorgon by her old teammates, Rooster, Snow Leopard, and Elephant to recover the enchanted sword of the demon king Xi'an, which was previously disposed of by Shifu as he sensed Xi'an's soul in the sword. Po joins the old Five to find the sword, with Fenghuang consistently pleading to release her ankle weight. She safeguards her team from the sword's magic with her own and even destroys the sword to earn their trust.

Stealing the Shuyong sees

Fenghuang returns to attack the Jade Palace when Po discovers the buried Shuyong seeds, from the tree that marks the beginning of time on Earth. She manages to seize one of the seeds and grow fruit from it, allowing her to control and bend time. She uses it to kill the Furious Five off in the past and torment Po, an they take the fight to the beginning of the tree's formation. The tree manages to freeze their fight when it's determined that Po is a kind and worthy user of the Shuyong fruit, leading to Fenghuang being banished to oblivion.

Powers and Abilities

  • Master Combat: Fenghuang, being Oogway's most skilled student is a master at hand to hand combat and her flight enhances her danger level. She is capable of using many rare and difficult kung fu techniques, and has been shown to be formidably agile and coordinated reflexes, enough to overtake the Five and Shifu at once. She has also killed Shifu once with ease until Po turns back time to revive him. One of her notable display of her kung fu skills was shown when she challenged Master Oogway, who was considered the greatest kung fu master ever, and though she was ultimately no match for the ancient tortoise, but she managed to put up a decent fight against the old tortoise before fleeing. Despite hating Po, she does find him a worthy opponent and she is argubly one of the most dangerous foes Po ever faced, as Po was unable to defeat her in their first battles, but instead tricked her.
  • Sorcery: It's implied that some of Fenghuang's abilities are supernatural or magical, as her energy force-field was described as a spell. The unconfirmed spell (referred as a shielding spell by Shifu and Snow Leopard) was used by Fenghuang to defeat the demon Xi'an and later retrieve his sword. The spell produces a gold bubble like force-field that deflects fatal damage and negates the possession shockwaves the sword emitted. It was used in the flashback of "The First Five," where Fenghuang cast the spell to protect both her and her allies from Xi'an’s mystical sword and abilities, most notably the possession shockwaves it emitted. When she used it again to retrieve the sword it caused her eyes to be blind-like state to sustain it, but the second time her eyes were open when she used it to repulse Master Elephant when he was possessed by Xi'an.
  • Twelve Impossible Moves: Being a master of the original Seven Impossible Moves, Fenghuang is known to be the most powerful member of Oogway's Furious Five. Later on she learned and demonstrated an additional five moves, that Shifu didn't know existed, bringing the total of Twelve Impossible Moves. They are elemental and seemingly enchanted/mystical kung fu abilities developed by Oogway. She has even claimed she could teach Po all of the Impossible Moves. The only known masters who know the Impossible Moves are Oogway, Master Chao, and Po.
    • Thundering Wind Hammer- A skill in which the user spins around rapidly before shooting an energy blast from their palms. Po has used this to blast Temutai to a mountain side. Fenghuang, a master of the original Seven (before discovering five more), knew how to counter it by using one's arms (or wings, in the case of Fenghuang) to divide the approaching energy ball and diving it by pushing it away in both hands.
    • Mongolian Fireball- A skill enabling user to create a fireball that absorbs and evaporates debri when it combines with another Mongolian Fireball.
    • 5 Unknown Impossible Moves:
    • Spears of Fire- One of the new five she mastered, Po nicknamed it the "spears of fire", attacking with spears of firey energy by charging up and flaps her wings to send spears of fiery energy forward to burn her opponent. It allows the user to craft energy spears-like projectiles that can be shot at an enemy.
    • Tornado Vortex- Nicknamed by Po the "spinny fast thing", the creation of a powerful tornado by spinning. It a spining attack that creates a mini-tornado to attack and knock opponents out of the sky.
    • Clapping Wings- Nicknamed by Po "the clappy wings deal", where it blasts a powerful gust of wind with a firm clap that blows an opponent back.
    • Ground Slam- Nicknamed by Po "the one where you slam the ground"; the creation of a powerful shockwave by hitting/stomping on the ground (with either her wings or legs) with great force, creating a seismic pulse that even repelling small opponents like Mantis. She later used it again, as a more brutal variation against Shifu after slamming him into the ceiling and then stomping her feet into him in mid-fall all the way to the floor, amplifying the damage. The injuries that Shifu received from the attack caused him to die, forcing Po to travel back in time to save him.
    • Energy Rings- Nicknamed by Po "flying ring of energy", the creation of an energy ring by first creating it on the ground and then taking off to finish forming the energy ring attack while being in the air which also has a homing effect. The user crafts flying energy rings for attack that can be commanded by the user.
  • Time Manipulation: After eating the Shuyong fruit, she gained complete mastery over time. Abilities included Time Travel, which she can send someone to different points in time. However when she time travels, she brings anyone who is holding her with her. In addition to her Time Traveling abilities she can also teleport through space and appeared to create afterimages, as Po was unable to hit her.


  • Fenghuang is named after a mythical phoenix from Chinese mythology.
  • Fenghuang is currently the only owl in the franchise.
  • Fenghuang is the most powerful member of Oogway's Furious Five.



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