Fenrir legend quest


I can eat anything
~ Fenrir

Fenrir (also know as The devourer of worlds, The Wolf God, and Bringer of Ragnarok) is recurring antagonists in mexican animated series, Las Leyendas. He's stuck guarding the entrance to Yggdrasil until Ragnarok although the chain's length is rather generous.


He is as much an enemy of Quetzalcoatl as the heroes and is even willing to help them out. They back out as soon as they realize that he'll devour all realities if he's freed. At least he would be if he wasn't chained to the World Tree, Yggdrasil.


This creature was chained up because while Quetzalcoatl wants to make the world a place where only the strong survive (which exculdes humans) Fenrir just wants to devour everything.

He began making a deal with Leo and co. to allow them use of the world tree if the give him a powerful artifact of Quetzalcoatl's, but since Fenrir is actually worse than the snake god, the team reneges until they "repay" it by feeding him Baba Yaga near the end of the first season.

He speaks to Leo and his friends in a polite and calm tone but only after he figures out Leo is "The Chosen One" and could be useful, beforehand he tried to eat them on the spot and after they deny him the Esfera he goes back to a snarling monster.

While Quetzalcoatl actively wanted someone to destroy his Esfera, having Fenrir feast on it was most definitely not one of the ways he wanted it to happen since it will give the wolf an unfathomably huge power boost.



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Fenrir legend quest
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