The Winter will take care of Urthound's whelps!
~ Ferahgo leaves badger babes Urthstrype and Urthwhyte to die

Ferahgo the Assassin is an anthropomorphic weasel and the main villain of the book Salamandastron by Brian Jacques.

Ferahgo was a warlord who lead a horde of vermin, known as the Corpsemakers, to conquer everything in his way. He was infamous for his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes and disarming smile, which he could use to put his enemies and victims off-guard. His weapons of choice were three knives -a thrower, a killer, and a skinner- as well as a mace-and-chain. He frequently threatened his own incompetent followers with skinning them alive; and sometimes carried the threats out. He wore a kilt of animal skins, which may have been his former victims.

Ferahgo sought to conquer the mountain stronghold of Salamandastron, and eventually infiltrated it with his horde. He was killed when the ruler of the mountain, the badger Urthstripe the Strong, grabbed him and leaped from the mountain-top, resulting in both of their deaths.

Ferahgo was very cunning, merciless, and a deadly schemer. But he was also polite and courteous, which made him a very dangerous creature to be around. He had a son named Klitch, who was one of his captains, and a rival for horde leadership. Their relationship was a love-hate one, as they distrusted each other greatly, but knew that the other had plenty of cunning to help win the war.

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