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This war is over, but I will return to kill you Maggotstar.
~ Feralstar swearing revenge on Maggotstar.
Lilacfoot, my beautiful mate.
~ Feralstar to Lilacfoot.
Beetlestar is a TWERP!
~ Feralstar mentioning Beetlestar at Snowfang.
Think you are a warrior, Mousebrain?
~ Feralstar making fun of Kestrelpaw for attacking him.

Feralstar, fomerly known as Feralsoul, is a major antagonist in the Warriors Untold Tales series. He is the main antagonist until the first book of the "Red Clouds" story arc, where he was killed by his arch-nemeis, Maggotstar.


When he was a kitten, his father, Appleshade died in a StrikeClan battle for his honor, he was taken as the apprentice of Thornstar, who was the Clan leader and very strong and courageous. A bit after Mousefern received her warrior name. Feralsoul was exiled by the new leader, Smokestar for killing 10 ShadowClan cats with the help of Batwing. He built a Clan named FeralClan and tried to get Lilacfoot's attention, but she ignored him for another tom, Troutfang, he later had Minkclaw as a mate, getting Bonekit and Berrykit.

12 moons after Bonefur and Berryclaw received their warrior names, a big battle between the other Clans and FeralClan happened and Feralstar was killed by the ThunderClan leader, Maggotstar shortly after the war is over, and Bonefur and Berryclaw fought against thier own father and for the other 9 Clans. After he died, he trespassed on ThunderClan territory only to see the daughter of Maggotstar, Winterbreeze checking for trespassers, Feralstar started attacking Winterbreeze in an effort to kill her, Krestelfoot was shocked looking at the black and white tom do this, so he ran up and chased Feralstar out of ThunderClan territory for good. But he might be back someday


Feralstar is a slim, black tomcat with a white underbelly, and blue eyes. He also has a pink nose and pink pads and a very long tail.


Feralstar is extremely rude, aggresive, oppresive, and power hungry

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