Caught the mousey!"
~ Ferdinand after catching Jerry the Mouse

Ferdinand is a major antagonist in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is Aunt Pristine Figg's evil pet dog.

He is voiced by Michael Bell, who also voiced one of the Straycatchers in the same movie.


Ferdinand is a very fat dog and he moves on a skateboard because he can't do anything with legs and he can't run or walk because of how fat he is.

Role in the film

He gets Tom and Jerry caught by messing up the kitchen, causing Tom and Jerry to be sent to Dr. Applecheek.

He was later seen when his owner, Aunt Figg caused him to fall into water by rolling him away which caused him to almost drowned. He later survived from drowning.

At the end, Ferdinand, along with Aunt Figg and Lickboot are defeated by Ferdinand making himself, along with Figg and Lickboot fall into Robyn's boat and it sails them away. It is possible that the trio got arrested for their crimes and the Bounty. Robyn's father has cancelled and postponed the $1,000,000 reward for Robyn.



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