Ferdinand Lopez is a minor antagonist in the 2014 Marvel film Captain America: Winter Soldier. He is a French pirate who serves as the right-hand man of Georges Batroc.

He was portrayed by Adetokumboh M'Cormack.


Batroc was paid by Nick Fury to lead a team of 25 pirates to hijack and attempt to ransom a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile satellite launch platform ship, the Lemurian Star. To that end, Batroc gets Lopez and Gerald Durand to help subdue the crew (including Jasper Sitwell) before informing the successful hijacking. As such, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends a task group, including Captain America, Natasha Romanoff and Brock Rumlow to capture the pirates and get back the ship.

As Lopez is standing guard while Batroc makes demands for the hostages, Durand is busying surveying the ship's engine room until he is spotted by Black Widow, who greets him. Black Widow then proceeded to incapacitate Durand by tying a high-tensil wire wrapped around his neck, using him as an anchor to shoot down several more of Batroc's men. This allowed Captain America to hurdle his shield into the bridge, briefly knocking Lopez out, much to Batroc's shock. Following the defeat of Batroc at the hands of Captain America, Lopez is seen arrested along with Batroc and the remaining pirates.

Eventually, Captain America and Black Widow soon learned about the pirates' relationship with Fury and that the hijacking was nothing more than a ruse to uncover the true purpose of Project Insight, formulated by Alexander Pierce as part of his plot to bring in a new world order for HYDRA.


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Ferdinand Lopez



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