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Ferguson is a major antagonist of the 1995 buddy cop film Bad Boys. He is a drug dealer who works for the notorious drug lord Fouchet.

He was portrayed by Vic Manni.


Ferguson first appeared when he helped Fouchet and their gang in robbing stashed heroin from the Miami Police Department headquarters. Later on, they paid a visit to Eddie Dominguez's house to confront Eddie for stealing some of the heroin. Under Fouchet's orders, Ferguson kills Eddie by shooting him in the chest multiple times.

However, the scene was witnessed by a woman named Julie Mott, who heads over to the two police officers named Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett for safety. Under Fouchet's orders, Ferguson and the others tried to track Julie down, eventually capturing her at Mike's apartment residence. Taking Julie hostage, Fouchet and his gang head over an abandoned airport hangar, where they intend to sell the heroin to a notorious wealthy mobster for profit.

During the deal, Ferguson was assigned to watch over a captive Julie inside a car. Fortunately, Mike and Marcus came to the rescue by having their fellow cops to break into the hangar and rescue Julie, killing many of the drug dealers.

While trying to escape, Ferguson sees a nearby cop and tries to kill him as revenge for ruining their drug deal, only to be shot in the chest by a shotgun-wielding Marcus. The shot forced Ferguson into an electric fuse, which electrocutes and incinerates him to death.


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