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Fermin Flaxseed is the main antagonist of the Animaniacs cartoon "The Big Candy Store". Flaxseed is a pretty standard uptight-snob figure, his pompous-jerkitude isn’t inflated enough to play for laughs; he just serves to first ignore, then deride, then get flustered by the Warners, and has little in the way of memorable lines that aren’t direct responses to the Warners. Though some of those are admittedly great little comedic back-and-forths in the classic Warner tradition, like this exchange:

  • Wakko: “This is a great store, Mr. Candyman.”
  • Flaxseed: “I’m not the candyman!”
  • Dot: “Well you sell candy, don’t you kid?”
  • Flaxseed: “I’m not a kid!”
  • Yakko: “Relax, my good man.”
  • Flaxseed: “I’m not your good man!”
  • Yakko: “Hm, we’re running out of options here.”

Flaxseed’s eventual comeuppance comes courtesy of a well-timed third party, Sister Margaret Mary June July—who sends up a quick prayer for a football team to come and trample Flaxseed in retribution for his mistreatment of the Warners and orphans. To add insult to his injuries, the Warners placed him in a vat of quick-dry chocolate and carved him in the shape of a bunny for easter. After the orphans take away the bunny containing Flaxseed, Yakko ends the cartoon with this innuendo: "Wait till they get to the creamy center filling".