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Fera is a wolf who was granted a semi-human shape by the sorcerer Master Khan, he would then control her with the Amulet of Shirrair. she would later tear off this amulet and free herself while Khan was in battle with Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Later as Ferocia she would join with the Femizons lead by Superia, after being thwarted by Captain America the Femizons would disband. Ferocia was then summoned to Starkesboro by Dredmund Cromwell who was using the Godstone. Dredmund's aide Moonhunter captured Ferocia and placed her into his group of servants whom he called his "Moonchildren" and "Night Patrol." Ferocia escapes only to attack Captain America and Dr.Druid who were searching for John Jameson, the Man-Wolf. After Captain America and his allies stop Dredmund, Ferocia escapes capture.

Recently Ferocia is one of the super-criminals who has received synthesized Skrull organ implants from the Corporation, granting her shape-shifting powers that will allow her to evade the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA). In exchange for this Ferocia and her companions Blue Streak, Flame and Kingsize were assigned to break out Ricadonna from prison but the Heroes for Hire apprehended the criminals.

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