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What up, punk! What up, fool! Mark!
~ First lines as he's taunting Tre Styles with Ricky's Killer intimidating him with a shotgun from the car window
F**K you lookin' at, n***a?!
~ Ferris intimidating Ricky after intentionally bumping into him from behind

Ferris is the main antagonist from the crime film, Boyz n the Hood. He is the leader of the Crenshaw Mafia Gangsters, and also responsible for the murder of Ricky Baker (caused by Ferris' Triggerman, Ricky's Killer, or Knucklehead #2), the younger brother of Darrin "Doughboy" Baker.

He was portrayed by Raymond Turner.


Not much is known about Ferris and his henchmen, besides that he is the leader of the Crenshaw Mafia Gangsters in Southern Los Angeles, California. Tre is first confronted by Ferris and his henchmen at the streets, with the Triggerman pointing a double-barreled shotgun at him as form of intimidation before driving off.

Not long after, Ferris intentionally shoves into Ricky Baker at a local street racing gathering, which provokes his older brother, Darrin Baker (or "Doughboy"), to step in and confront Ferris and his gang. After a brief confrontation between the two with Doughboy brandishing a handgun, they leave, but not before Ferris opens fire in the air with his own weapon, likely a Micro-Uzi, causing everyone to leave.

Later on, they are seen circling around Doughboy's street, but not before they drove off. After Ricky gets into a fight against his own brother, both he and Tre leave, with Ferris setting his sights on him, thus engaging pursuit. After Ricky spots the gang, he tries to escape, but is shot in the leg, and then on his back, killing him.

Doughboy arrived too late and had no choice but to haul his brother's lifeless body back home, soon met with serious anguish when Brenda and Shanice see Ricky's corpse, with Brenda blaming Doughboy for his death. Distraught, Doughboy vows vengeance and they drive over to find Ferris, though not before dropping Tre off for him to walk back to his home. Soon enough, Ferris, upon spotting Doughboy's car, makes a run for it, but were soon gunned down by Monster, armed with an AK-47. An angered Doughboy approaches a mortally-wounded Ferris, and as he turns around, he curses at Doughboy before being executed, avenging Ricky's death.


Aside from being obviously thuggish, Ferris is also an intimidating figure, especially when confronting Tre for the first time, with Knucklehead #2 brandishing a double-barreled shotgun pointed at him. He also expresses joy in causing trouble, even firing a Micro-Uzi in the air to show intimidation. However, Ferris is also cowardly as evidenced when spotting a vengeful Doughboy with his car, with both Ferris and his goons having gunned down before Doughboy finished the job.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, he has a limited screentime, and only makes few appearances. In addition, he only has few dialogues spoken.
  • Ferris drives a red, modified 1988 Hyundai Excel.
  • Ferris' beanie hat may indicate that he is a fan of the Chicago Bulls.
  • It was never explained on how Ferris formed a gang, given his lack of character development, along with not having a past history.
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