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The Fetch is a malevolent spirit that shares many similarities to a Doppelganger and is associated with Irish mythology and legend, much like the Banshee and shared her role as a harbinger of ill-fortune and death to those who would witness it.

Just like a Doppelganger a Fetch would appear as a physical double of its victim but was almost always described as the "ghost of a living being" rather than simply an identical double; in this sense a victim of the Fetch is effectively haunted by their own ghost and as such would befall a terrible fate (often death) soon after.




the Fetch will always appear as a mirror image of whoever it haunts but differs from doppelgangers in the fact it is often described as a phantom or ghost, thus while it will appear to the living victim as physically identical it will have also display traits of a ghost or phantom : it is unknown what form (if any) a Fetch has when not mirroring that of its victim.


  • Disaster Inducement (a Fetch can induce misfortune upon any that see it, such as "bad luck", injury or curses - either immediate or (more often) over a short period of time)
  • Death Inducement (a Fetch can induce death upon any that see it - either immediate or (more often) over a short period of time)
  • Mirror Image (a Fetch will always appear as an identical image of its victim)
  • Spectral Physiology (a Fetch is often described as a "living ghost" thus will have traits associated with phantoms or ghosts)
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