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Sucky toy. Not well made.
~ Andrew about Fetch.
~ One of Fetch's messages.

Fetch is the secondary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

He appears as the titular main antagonist of the first short story in Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch and a posthumous antagonist in the epilogue of Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 AM and Fazbear Frights #4: Step Closer, which revealed that it is his battery that powers the Stitchwraith and that he was possessed by a child named Andrew respectively.

It is an animatronic dog created to connect with its owner's phone and, through monitoring their conversations or chatting with them directly, "fetch" them whatever they need. Unfortunately, be it from a malfunction, poor programming or active malice, Fetch always misinterprets his owner's needs to be meant literally.


Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Fetch is found inside the pizzeria by Greg, Hadi and Cyril. The next day, Fetch gives strange messages via Greg's phone. When the neighbor's dog bites Greg, Fetch kills the animal and he moves the corpse to Greg's backyard. Then Greg texts his uncle, saying that he would like the help of his "magic finger" (an ongoing joke between uncle and nephew) and the next day Fetch attacks the uncle, he bites off his finger and he leaves it on the window of Greg's house. Furious, Greg destroys Fetch and buries him. However, Fetch manages to reassemble his body and he kills Kimberly, Greg's crush. The boy finds her body under the blanket after the shower, and he he receives one last, creepy message from the robot which reads "CU" (see you).

Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 AM

In the epilogue, it's revealed that, some time after the events of Fetch, Doctor Phineas Taggart found the now broken animatronic dog and kept him as a part of his collection of supposedly haunted objects. In Phineas's last experiment, Fetch's battery is used to power up the Stitchwraith, an endoskeleton Phineas infused with the agony energy of his collection.

Fazbear Frights #4: Step Closer

It is revealed that Fetch was possessed by a child named Andrew and that Fetch broke down in the rain after the events of his short story. When Phineas took Fetch apart and connected his battery to the Stitchwraith, Andrew's soul was transferred into it.

Fazbear Frights#5: Bunny Call

Fetch's remains are spotted by Grim inside the abandoned factory where the Stitchwraith brought all the objects infected by Andrew's agony.


  • In 1:35 AM Phineas feels that Fetch caused "a great agony". That line could imply Fetch ended up killing Greg. However that's not proven in any way.
    • It was later revealed that he has agony in him because he is possesed.
  • It is unknown if any consciousness remained in Fetch by the time Phineas dismantled him for his experiment and, if so, it somehow carried over into the Stitchwraith. It seems unlikely though.
    • Step Closer confirmed that he was possessed.
  • Fetch might be possessed/controlled/fueled by the same entity who controls Spring Bonnie in Into the Pit, based on how they both came from an abandoned pizzeria, and how the Stitchwraith, powered by Fetch's battery, leaves his victims' eyes with black tears similar to those seen on Spring Bonnie's face on the first book's cover.
    • However, after Step Closer's epilogue, this theory was proven false, since Andrew seems to be the only one possessing Fetch.


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