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Why prolong the inevitable? I will kill you!
~ Feyd-Rautha to Paul.
Dune (1984)

Feyd-Rautha Rabban Harkonnen is the secondary antagonist of the 1965 Frank Herbert sci-fi novel Dune and its 1984 film adaptation as well as the subsequent adaptations. He is set to appear in the sequel of the 2021 film adaption in some capacity.

He is the cruel, ruthless, cunning, megalomaniacal and sadistic younger nephew of the insidious Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the brother of the brutal "Beast" Rabban. He is also a product of the Bene Gesserit breeding program. He is Paul's first arch-nemesis, as well as his second cousin.

In the 1984 film, he was portrayed by the popular British singer Sting. In the Dune miniseries from 2000, he was played by American actor Matt Keeslar. In the Dune: Part Two, the sequel to the 2021 film, he will be portrayed by Austin Butler.


Early life

Feyd was born in the name Feyd-Rautha Rabba Harkonnen many years ago on the planet of Lankiveil to his parents, Abulurd Rabban and Emmi Rabban.

Feyd was his father's full hope for a son who would not have to inherit the dishonor of the name of Harkonnen and be a worthy heir instead of his older and much more brutal son, Glossu. Feyd was named in honor after his own maternal grandfather, Rautha Rabban, who was killed on Glossu's orders. When the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen heard of the murder, he decided to take Feyd from his father and to raise him on Giedi Prime as a possible heir of his own.

Thus, Feyd's surname was merged with Harkonnen and over that time, The Baron came to favor Feyd himself more than Glossu because of his actions.


The Prince of House of Harkonnen and The Breeding Program

After becoming the Baron's heir, Feyd had gained a major stand in the House of Harkonnen and became its own primary prince. Quickly, he started to enjoy from his newfound life, as well as enjoyed that the House of Harkonnen attempts to destroy their enemies, especially the House of Atreides.

Feyd, much like Paul, was also the main product of a centuries-long breeding plan which was organized by the Bene Gesserit, who had planned their own alliance; joining an Atreides daughter to a Haroknnen son, uniting those powerful houses and finishing their own feud, and thus, assuring that their offspring would finally have a high probability of becoming the Kwisatz Haderach.

Role in the House of Harkonnen

One day, The Baron had planned a strategic alliance, hoping to marry Feyd to Princess Irulan Corrino, the eldest daughter of the Emperor Shaddam IV, and thus give the Harkonnens full influence as well as the option to take control over the throne. In order to promote Feyd's personal power, he is to be installed as the ruler of Arakkis after a long period of tyrannical misrule by Glossu, which made Feyd appear as the savior of the people.

Feyd, in his famous metal underwear.

Feyd's personal ambition and impatience to inherit the Baron's place and power actually allowed him to be manipulated by Thufir Hawat, a counselor to the Atreides who was captured by the Baron earlier. Both of them were nearly killed as a result of Hawat's machinations.

The Final Duel and Death

Feyd was famed for his prowess in single combat and his willingness to break the formal rules of "kanly" which governed this type of challenge by using a hidden poison spur in his fighting attire. In their fierce fight, Feyd nearly succeeded at killing Paul in single combat whilst Paul was deciding whether to attempt the paralysis command and owe the Bene Gesserit his own victory or risk his life instead. However, Paul decided to kill Rautha and owed his victory.


This is a Harkonnen animal!
~ Gurney Halleck to Paul, describing Feyd.

Feyd Rautha possesses the typical Harkonnen traits, being nothing more than a cunning, evil, ruthless, sadistic, cold, dark, crazy, and megalomaniacal being. Obsessed with destroying the enemies of his house, Feyd sought to do it by killing Paul.

In addition, Feyd is a pure narcissist; when he comes out of the baths, he stands and hails himself. More than that, he seems to be a very cunning man with women. In his fight with Paul, he taunts him when he starts to look at Jessica.

He is also obsessed with gaining power, attempting to assassinate his uncle to inherit his title early

Dune: Miniseries

Feyd Rautha was in the Harkonnen's house taking over the Atreides to make things to Muad'Dib.


  • Feyd-Rautha was the third cinematic role for rock impresario Sting, after "Quadrophenia" (1979) and "Brimstone & Treacle" (1982).
  • He is also one of the inspirations for Random Hajile, a character from the Konami video game Snatcher. Unlike Feyd Rautha, however, Random is portrayed as a supporting protagonist than a villain.
  • David Lynch was originally going to have Feyd emerge from the steam bath completely nude, but this would have necessitated an R rating for the film, so instead they had Sting wear a speedo in that scene.
  • Although his uncle is the overall main antagonist of the novel, Feyd is the central antagonist as he is the main focus of his uncle's plan and he fights against Paul in the end of the book.
  • Despite appearing in one novel, Feyd is a fan-favorite character. His omission from the 2021 film adaption resulted in heavy disappointment from the fans. However, with the announcement of the sequel, Feyd is anticipated to appear, possibly as the central antagonist.


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