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Do with him what you wish, General... He's my gift to you, in honor of our new relationship... Just... Make sure that he suffers...
~ Fidel Castro to Dragovich on Alex Mason.
Time to die, zombie putas!
~ Fidel killing zombies in "Five".

Fidel Castro was the Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 until 1976 and he is an antagonist in the Campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but also a protagonist and playable character in the Zombies map "Five". His player indicator color is green.

He was voiced by Gustavo Rex.



During the Bay of Pigs invasion, Captain Alex Mason was apart of a CIA black ops team called "Operation 40" and was sent in on a covert mission to assassinate Castro behind enemy lines in an operation codenamed "Zapata". The team is apparently successful in assassinating Castro, but as the invasion goes south, they frantically escape, with Mason staying behind to eliminate hostile forces.

However, he is captured by Cuban forces and brought before the real Castro, who reveals that he had a double die in his place. He then turns Mason over to Nikita Dragovich as a "gift" in exhange for Cuba's new relationship with Russia. He allows Dragovich and the Soviet Union to create an underwater base nearby Cuba in order to transmit numbers to release a poison known as Nova 6 across the United States in the event of a Global Conflict. However the base is destroyed by Mason along with the CIA and Navy Seals.

Castro is mentioned at the beginning of Black Ops II during the 1980s story arc, when Jason Hudson tells Mason that Castro and the Russians are operating in Angola when asking him for help to rescue Frank Woods who was captured there. Castro isn't seen during the missions set in Angola, although the Cuban soldiers are seen there.


He is also available as a playable character in the Zombies map "Five", where he was discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis with John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, and Richard Nixon when the zombies attacked. In many parts of "Five" cigars just like Castro's are seen. Though Castro and the others survived in the original timeline, it was revealed that they had all died in the Agonia Fracture.



  • The mission when the player is assigned to assassinate Castro caused controversy to the Cuban Government, accusing America of attempting something they failed to do 50 years ago. However technically the player doesn't kill Castro at all, and only a double.
  • Out of the other real life playable characters in the zombie map "Five", Castro is the only one to still be alive (though he later died in 2016, aged 90).
  • He was voiced by Gustavo Rex, who also voiced Carlos in the same game.


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