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Fie, also known as the Flame Sniper, is an antagonist in the manga series Edens Zero. He serves as one of the supporting antagonists of the Belial Gore arc.

Fie is one of the four members of the Element 4, a special forces team that works directly under Drakken Joe. The element he controls is fire and he is an expert sniper who is able to hit his targets from as far as seven kilometers away.


Fie is a young man of average height with spiky, orange hair and eyes of matching color. He also wears an eyepatch that covers his right eye and a tribal necklace.


Fie first appears after Shiki's team beat Laguna and wounds Weisz. He later tries to shoot the others, but is stopped by the Sibir from the future. He later appears in front of Weisz where he kills Sibir and captures Weisz. After Shiki's team is captured, Fie cuts off Weisz' arm and laughs about it and watches Drakken killing Shiki. In timeline 30, Fie and his partners reappear and fight the Four Shining Stars. Fie is confronted by Hermit and the two clash until Fie attempts to ambush her, but ends up outsmarted and defeated by her.


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