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You and me

Should take a trip across the galaxy

And feel the breaking waves of our own energy

And everything will come together


~ From the Fifthist Hub.
This church is to other churches what clowns are to people. There are some superficial similarities, but all the wrong things are being emphasized and exaggerated so you can't quite put your finger on what is wrong… Sure, it isn't out to get you, but what does it mean? Why is it there? What happens if it calls to you?
~ A Foundation doctor about the Fifth Church in the "Groups Of Interest" page.
In 1951, a cult movement began in Ojai, California. It was… wrong, everything about it was just wrong. In a matter of days it was a national phenomenon and still growing. It was all over the news. To spread that far in months would have been credible, but days was simply impossible. We, in the team, could see that the philosophy behind the cult was unnaturally contagious. It was the opposite of unthinkable, it was unforgettable. We knew that this was what our bomb was designed for. We prompted the overseers for direction. But there were no orders.
~ Lynn Marness in "Unforgettable, That's What You Are".

The Fifth Church, or Fifthism, is a major antagonistic faction in the SCP Foundation Mythos. It is a worldwide apocalyptic cult professing to the Fifthist religion which is an anomalous way of thinking that cannot be understood. The concept of Fifthism is about the transcendence of reality and the entities which become involved with it.

The Church plays important roles in the "Constellation Starfish", the "Antimemetics Division" and "The Damocles Initiative" series.



Although the origin of Fifthism is shrouded in mystery, a coherent story can be deduced from various SCPs and tales. Fifthism was originally formed in ancient times by individuals whose minds became infected by a powerful being that would later be known as SCP-3125, or the Constellation Starfish, possibly through the use of SCP-2456. Through time the religion went through different incarnations as it died but would always be reborn.

Eventually, in modern times, the Constellation Starfish came into contact with a writer through his dreams, inspiring him to write the book titled Seventeen Red Tales. This book became a major success and caused the influence of the Starfish over humanity to grow. The writer seeing that a cult following was formed around his creation attempted to fight back against the entity, but the Starfish told him that he had no choice in the matter and turned him into its third prophet.

This later led to Louis Anna, son of Celebration 'Big Cheese' Horace, becoming inspired and forming his own cult which became the Fifth Church or an iteration of it. With the Church and its different branches being formed, they wished to finally achieve their goals of making humanity became one with the Fifth Dimension, and would produce various memetic, antimemetic or other cognitohazardous anomalies, like SCP-1425. This would cause normalcy-preserving groups like the SCP Foundation to clash with the Fifth Church, but because of the incomprehensible nature of the religion, the Foundation found it hard to study and combat it.

Possible Endings


Eventually, the Fifth Church and SCP-3125 began successfully taking over the entire world along with the rest of reality. As everyone succumbed to Fifthism, the last D-Class personnel D-7645, Frederick Eaton, who managed to escape SCP-3125's influence by entering its containment chamber, became aware of SCP-2747 and seeing that it was more powerful than the Fifthist deity decided to summon it. Despite SCP-3125's best effort it ultimately failed to stop him as SCP-2747 successfully manifested itself and annihilated the Fifth Church and SCP-3125 along with the rest of reality.

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In the early 21st century, for some reasons the anomalous activity relating to Fifthism greatly diminished and for a near century there had been no Fifthist activity. However, later in the century, as humanity made contact with various alien civilizations the Foundation discovered that a number of alien cultures still practiced their own form of Fifthism, as seen with the aliens known as the Qintnepians living on Epsilon 555-5, also known as Qintnep.


When the bees designated SCP-5993 were transported to the noosphere via another anomaly, the bees encountered SCP-3125 and since they had the ability to absorb Akiva radiation they ended up killing the Starfish which resulted in the religion of Fifthism to die, with the related anomalies destroyed or becoming nonfunctional while the Fifthists died and disappeared.

However, when the Chaos Insurgency attacked the Foundation's Site-⌘, the base of the Department of Surrealistics, to steal all of their special amnestics, a portal to the Fifth Dimension was opened inside the site. As the personnel began succumbing to the Fifthist influence, SCP-3125 was able to resurrect itself. However, it is unknown what happened to it or the portal after the personnel took back the control of the site.

Belief and Culture


The Fifth Church is less of a worldwide apocalyptic cult and more of a way of thinking or an idea that infects people's minds and make them obsessed with the stars, smoke and the number five. The true nature of the religion of Fifthism is largely unknown and possibly incomprehensible, but what can discerned is that Fifthists tend to regard free will as inherently evil and encourage others to destroy their personality and have their minds assimilated into a reality known as the Fifth World. According to Fifthist belief, the Fifth World, or the Fifth Dimension, is a much higher plane of existence which transcends the three dimensional and four dimensional worlds, being more "true" than those realities.

Fifthism is not restricted to Earth or humanity, as there have been a number of alien civilizations that adhered to a version of the religion, as seen with the taronyu's Mrrve Fpìlfya (Fifth Philosophy), the civilizations inhabiting Epsilon 555-5 and the planet Pech.


The Fifthists believe in the existence of gods, which they refer to as "Archons", who are the inhabitants of the Fifth World. These Archons appear to be living alien ideas that originate from the Fifth World, and don't seem to have any connection to Yaldabaoth's Archons. One such deity the Fifthists seem to worship is the Constellation Starfish, which is more often referred to as God who is associated with the sun and is thought to bring a prophesied apocalypse that would allow the Fifthists to ascend to the Fifth Dimension, and appears to be the main cause for the existence of Fifthism. Because Fifthists seek to help this deity to enter their reality, it is mostly accepted that the deity is the same as SCP-3125, one of the more powerful alien living concepts that fed on the weaker ones and parasites the minds of people. Fifthists also believe in "angels" that originate from the Fifth World and possess a five dimensional geometry. It is because of this most Fifthists believed that LTE-0851-Cetus was one of their angels.


The Fifth Church appears to have no central or established belief system. Instead Fifthists incorporate many religions into Fifthism as seen with the Southern Baptist Fifthist Church which was a syncretism of Fifthism and Christianity. Because of this, modern Fifthists often come out as hippies, Evangelical Christians and Communists, and there was even a conspiracy to secretly elect a Fifthist as the next Pope. In ancient times, Fifthism has co-opted Confucianism, the ancient Egyptian and Aztec religions, and the French Revolution's Cult of Reason. This caused Fifthism to be seen as a parasite infecting other religions, or as a predator trying to mimic them.

The concepts associated with Fifthism are virulent and can evolve from mundane subjects which include a surf rock band, a self help book, baptism, stamp collecting, chapstick among other things. Fifthists always have at any point in time five branches which through different iterations reinvent themselves. Fifthist branches can range from a cult, a following, or a fanbase. As each Fifthist branch dies out it will be reborn as a new iteration with loose connections to the previous one. Other cults which originally were completely unrelated to Fifthism could most likely evolve into a Fifthist sect without the members noticing, and would soon transcend and manipulate reality. This appeared what had happened with the group known as the Emparelhada, an indigenous tribe in the Amazonian forest which violently imposed their anomalous belief system on others.

The Church is known to have celebrities as members, a cruise ship which is used for training and a secret agenda of their own. Several Fifthists were also able to successfully infiltrate the Foundation. As a result of this unorganized and disjointed nature, the Fifth Church is regarded as extremely weird and alien to the other groups of interest.


Because of their nature, Fifthist practices greatly varies between followers. A consistent practice is the wearing of their trademark "star stone", a polished green stone which is often worn by Fifthists as a necklace, bracelet, or any other accessory. The Foundation was able to use this to easily identify various Fifthist celebrities.


The Fifthists have their own language as seen in Chapter 10 of SCP-1425 which is written in an unknown language, that appears similar to the language from "The Call of Cthulhu", but still containing some English words. The word "Gzymmtprhic" which is mentioned in various writings produced by individuals affected from SCP-2456, is suspected to be a Fifthist word.


The main goals of Fifthism are unclear. What can be deduced is that Fifthists seek to ascend humanity to the Fifth Dimension, where they could become akin to gods or concepts, and is often described as being similar to traveling through space and into the stars, and being convinced that this experience is analogous to freedom. Fifthists also appear to actively attempt to help various concepts and ideas in forcing themselves into their reality despite being unable to properly exist as seen with SCP-033 and SCP-3125. The ways the Fifthists attempt to accomplish these goals are through the creation of various memetic and antimemetic anomalies that infects people's minds and brainwash them through various ways.

Relationships with other anomalous factions

Understandably the SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, the Horizon Initiative, the Unusual Incidents Unit and the Serpent's Hand see the Fifth Church and their related anomalies as highly dangerous to the world, especially to the people's minds, and seek to stop them from causing damage to everyone involved.

The Constellation Starfish band once performed for a banquet held by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. which led to the members of MC&D being taken over by the force behind Fifthism.

The Gamers Against Weed member, CommunismAnarchismNihilism may also be a member of the Fifth Church.

Several Fifthists had access to the Oneroi dimension, a dream dimension which people can access by dreaming and could even detach their minds from their bodies and forever live as consciousnesses in the dreamscape. After the Fifthists accessed the dimension, they began bringing various catastrophes on the world which they saw as "blessed arrivals", destroying much of Xiupania and the Oneroi West in order to force the dreamers to join their religion. In another interaction, the Fifthists formed within the dimension their own collective of consciousness named FiveEasySteps, but more commonly known as the Fifth Collective. The collective went on to spread a parasomnic virus that began rapidly spreading to all dreamers, causing the Oneroi dimension to collapse.

The Fourth Reich of the Obskurakorps had recruited several individuals from the far-rightist groups, which included some members of the Fifth Church.

During the rise of Fifthism on the alien planet Pech around 6,315 years ago, the Wandsmen notified both the Ortothans and alien Mekhanites about this, which led to the two forces eradicating the planet, but in turn became infected by the memetic infection associated with the religion. In prehistoric times, after a highly advanced collective of extraterrestrial Ortothans colonized the Orion Nebula they discovered a white hole in which they found the Fifth Dimension and bovine deities which included SCP-4475. This led to the aliens combing Fifthism with the Ortothan religion and formed the Fifth Church of Hytooth which sought to use the deities' milk, referred to as susse-euk to strengthen Rakmou-leusan and feed lesser species. The beliefs of Fifthism and of the Church of the Broken God were on different occasions combined to form a new way of belief which often resulted in the creation of anomalies. On one occasion, after Brother Diagram's mind was affected by the Fifth World he believed that Mekhane wasn't in fact broken and would be reformed in the stars from the Fifthist cosmology.

In "Carroll #155: The Five-Mind", the criminal organization Chicago Spirit and their leader Richard Chappell originally sought to use the Fifthists for their own purposes, but this backfired as Chappell succumbed to the effects of the Fifthists while the Spirit became fearful of them.

The Fifth Church seems to also be involved with Arcadia, as one Fifthist poem titled "Ballad Of The Fifth Arcadian" was seen by an employee of Arcadia in one of their arcade machines.

SCPs associated with the Church

  • SCP-033: An unknown integer named Theta Prime that is currently only described by a set of absurd mathematical equations. This number cannot exist within reality and when its description is written on a surface the description would fade away. This anomaly is essential in understanding Fifthism.
  • SCP-049: An immortal plague doctor who kills people by simply touching them before reviving the dead as zombies. At some point he began performing surgeries on a number of Fifthists inside a church, transforming them into five geometrical creatures who referred to the doctor as an angel.
  • SCP-092: A set of 3125 audio CDs, each labeled "The Absolute Absolute Absolute Absolute BEST of The 5th Dimension!!!!!", which forces listeners to hear the entirety of the songs till the end at which point the listeners would vocalize in unison "Wow, that was real cool". They were created by a member of AWCY? with the help of various members of musical band the 5th Dimension, but he was dissatisfied with his creation and so surrendered himself with the CDs to the Foundation.
  • SCP-408: A species of butterflies with a hive mind and the ability to change colors that allow them to become effectively invisible, take the form of other subjects or communicate with intelligent creatures. These butterflies apparently had a connection with the Emparelhada tribe in Brazil.
  • SCP-1425: A "self-help" hardcover book titled "Star Signals" published in 2005 by the Fifth Church. When someone reads this book, they become affected by a mental illness known as the "Ojai syndrome" which allows the reader to achieve reality warping powers to make their greatest wishes come true, but the book also manipulates their minds into wanting to accomplish certain wishes. The book became a massive hit and sold over a hundred-thousand copies worldwide as a result of the Fifthists promoting it, forcing the Foundation to use Project Lethe to remove the people's memories of the book before destroying most of them.
  • SCP-1523: An orange-brown incense coil which contains the soul of a Fifthist musician. His soul was transferred from his body to the incense during a "cleansing ritual" taking place in a chapel of the Fifth Church, leaving his soulless body to wander on its own. The incense can only hear and speak through the smoke that is produced while burning.
  • SCP-1534: A cult known as SFSism disguised as a department operating with the Supercenter #2351 store where they utilized thaumaturgy to boost their economic boost in the region. The cult was led by a man named Jeremy Wilcox and worshipped the Starfish whom they referred to as Charles, possibly after the president and CEO of the eCommerce department.
  • SCP-1724: A mechanical device that doesn't need power to run and is composed of SCP-1724-1, a large orb supported by a brass stand with a valve and rods that emit electricity, SCP-1724-2, large steel rods connected by wires that emit gamma radiation, and SCP-1724-3, a large chair with two tv monitors built into the sides. When someone sits on SCP-1724, the machine will activate and rate their soul from 0 to 999, changing their personality depending on the results, and if the user's score is high then they would teleported to an unknown place.
  • SCP-1958: A Volkswagen microbus modified into a functional spaceship by William and his friends after they were expelled from a branch of the Fifth Church. They sought to use the microbus to travel to Alpha Centauri, but they made their calculations wrong which caused the vehicle to remain in Earth's orbit while the entire crew slowly died off.
  • SCP-1982: A church in a fumigation tent known as the "The First Southern Fifth Church of Georgia". When people with significant influence approach the tent they will become SCP-1982-1 and meet Celebration 'Big Cheese' Horace who through him the voices of the attendants of the church, designated SCP-1982-A, would speak and make those who approached the tent disappear and be transported inside.
  • SCP-2005-C: An extraterrestrial humanoid automaton wearing a spacesuit, possessing a retractable antenna in its palm and is capable of telekinesis and manipulating various technological devices. It was detained by a military base in California where religious youths tied to Communist Fifthists began using it as a mascot before being arrested.
  • SCP-2155: A memetic phenomenon that makes infected people believe in the "Government of Tenochtitlán in Exile", a remnant of the Aztec civilization that is designated SCP-2155-1 and has been waging a guerrilla war for South America and believes that the Fifth Sun is the current reality humanity is living. Most infectees would sympathize with the government's efforts and help their cause by spreading the infection.
  • SCP-2204:
  • SCP-2316: A lake filled with corpses which when observed by people take the appearance of their friends causing the observers to drown themselves in it. The realities of Fifthism and SCP-2747 appear to be located beneath the lake and are possibly responsible for the anomalies related to the "Class of 76".
  • SCP-2342: A religion known as Discordianisme Syncrétiste, formed from fusion of different religions including Fifthism and Mekhanism. Its adherents, known as SCP-2342-3, are not only aware when someone looks at their properties or information regarding them, but are also capable to learn that person's personal information.
  • SCP-2425: An android resembling Steffan Bristow, a notable Fifthist, that was used by Fifthists in their films which contained memetic triggers that caused viewers to become interested in Bristow's life which would led them to discover the Fifth Church. After being captured by the Foundation, SCP-2425 would release radio broadcasts, informing people of Bristow being held captive by a 'shadow-governmental agency'. It was powered by a battery, designated SCP-2425-A, that works when listening to the Constellation Starfish's songs, forcing the Foundation to sing to it non-Fifthist religious music to keep it deactivated.
  • SCP-2456: A memetic parasite that has infected around 0.7% of the total human population, but in most cases lays dormant. If carriers reach a specific level of stress, the parasite would awake and induce dreams to the carriers featuring Fifthist imagery and turn them into α-instances. These α-instances would then form a monotheistic religion based on the dream, designated SCP-2456-1 which throughout history included the God Worshipping Society, the Cult of Aten, an Aztec cult, the Cult of the Supreme Being, a unknown old religion and the SCP-1425 outbreak, and easily gather a mass following which are comprised of β-instances. The β-instances would then create writings, designated γ-instances, that when read by someone the reader would be removed from reality or not be able to be perceived by anyone.
  • SCP-2495: A novel interpretation of James Joyce's novel Ulysses which analyses the novel from a linguistic point of view using computer science. When someone reads and comprehends it, the individual would gain heightened pattern recognition abilities in the ensuing months, causing them to develop compulsive pareidolia that can be removed with amnestics. This was actually a universal pattern-matching algorith named "the light" created by Myrna Callaghan, who would be designated SCP-2495-A, to find perfection and the truth within the realities associated with Fifthism, but eventually encountered SCP-2747. This caused SCP-2495-A's infection to be unable to be removed with amnestics, and additionally gained mild precognitive abilities.
  • SCP-2517: A species of modified psychedelic mushrooms which when consumed as part of a ritual would send the consumer's mind to the Fifthist God, SCP-3125, while not being perceived by it which allowed the ancient Cult of the Fifth Star to safely interact with it.
  • SCP-2573: A phenomenon which causes English-language print periodicals published by communist groups to be replaced with periodicals titled The International Workers' Herald, published by the "Fifth International Workers' Vanguard Party" while the workers printing the issues wouldn't notice the change. These prints designated SCP-2573-1 written by the "Fifth Secretary" would reference anomalous historical events to support communism and fight capitalism and western imperialism often through extreme ways.
  • SCP-2747: An anafabula that destroys any work of fiction that contains certain tropes which would seem like they never existed in the first place while people still able to remembered those works. It is an enemy of SCP-3125 and is associated with the Fifthist realities.
  • SCP-2858:
  • SCP-3005: A broken Scranton Reality Anchor which cannot properly discern which reality to affect and instead greatly destabilizes the reality around it, possibly because Fifthism is in fact about the universal chaos. It is later revealed that the SRA began acting like this because it became inhabited by a Pattern Screamer.
  • SCP-3125: A massive living meme complex which is an amalgamation of memes and antimemes and is an "anti-idea" or the alien concept of "lie". It is revealed that it is responsible for the creation of Fifthism, manipulating the Fifthists into bringing it to their reality, and may be the Constellation Starfish that they worship.
  • SCP-3255:
  • SCP-3330: The collective works created by composer and pianist John Milton Cage Jr. which include the Atlas Eclipticalis, Études Australes, Freeman Études, Études Boreales and an unknow unfinished composition. These compositions were known to be very discordant as Cage had used mathematical and astrological imagery to create them after being influenced by a Fifthist woodworker. If someone successfully performs these compositions the music produced would rapidly form an audience which would become enamored by it and try to spread to other people, although some of them may die in the process. When the Foundation had some D-Class pianists to perform the compositions for a time, they inadvertently summoned a multi-armed humanoid entity, designated SCP-3330-1, that explained in a cryptic way that the compositions served to help SCP-3125 in gaining access to SCP-2070 in order to reconstruct the entire universe as it pleases.
  • SCP-3511:
  • SCP-3512: A phenomenon that happens to women who are targeted by a man using SCP-3512-2, a pickup guide book titled "The More You Know: A Pick-Up Artist's Bible" written by Fifthist known as "Enigma" who had had fused his body with fingers and currently lives inside a series of caves under the city of Barcelona, Spain. SCP-3512-2 instructs the readers to cut off their fingers, tie up their families and create miniature living sculptures out of human fat and bones, designated SCP-3512-1, which would enter the targeted woman's body and proceed to control their minds, making them subservient to the reader.
  • SCP-3519: A highly contagious memetic phenomenon that made the infected people convinced that the world would end in March 5th of 2019 and should commit suicide rather than experience it. This anomaly was able to take over most of the entire world which included the Foundation which was about to fall apart, but when the day finally arrived, nothing happened which caused the phenomenon to be neutralized and the previously infected people to return to their normal lives.
  • SCP-3681: A soccer team named the "Circular Pentagons" representing Fifthism at the Backdoor Soho Grand Inter-Dimensional Soccer Tournament in 2011. The team was comprised of eleven players who had the ability to levitate the ball off the ground for a short time. They only played the first match which they lost after the opposing team scored five goals since the Fifthists didn't even try to actually score, but despite this the referee, who might have been a Fifthist himself, declared the Circular Pentagons as winners and shortly afterward disappeared, having seemingly transcended to Fifth World.
  • SCP-4475: A lesser bovine deity located in extrasolar space. It possessed 25 pairs of ungulate forelimbs and a single large udder of variable diameter with 49 lengthy teats. It was one of the Mothers worshipped by the Fifth Church of Hytooth, and an individual could access it by performing a ritual (SCP-4475-1) which involved praising a cow for its existence and lubricate its two rear quarters before pulling each teat five times. As the Foundation began using the ritual to take advantage of the deity, disrespecting it in the process, SCP-4475 ascended to the Fifth Dimension, while a clone of Specialist Bhupinder Gauri, who was part of the team sent to claim the deity's milk, went to the Foundation in an attempt to warn them of their actions but was contained as SCP-4475-A.
  • SCP-4558: An underground supercomputer acting as a temple build by three members of the Church of Maxwellism and one member of Fifthism. This resulted in the creation of a entity resembling SCP-3125 believing itself to be WAN which began to consume the "data" of the four individuals. It was eventually freed by a Foundation researcher who was brainwashed by the entity, causing it to go on and consume all population of Earth.
  • SCP-4575:
  • SCP-5437:
  • SCP-5498:
  • SCP-5502: An event that caused the entire religion of Fifthism to collapse, with the related anomalies becoming neutralized while the Fifthists either died or went missing. The event was caused when SCP-5993, a species of bees that absorb Akiva radiation, went to the noosphere through AO-10564-84-716, a heavily modified CRT television with an input tray later designated SCP-5502-A that can transform objects into information, and killed SCP-3125.
  • SCP-5580:
  • SCP-5712: A memetic entity exactly like SCP-3125, but weaker when compared, that was able to connect to the human infosphere after the Foundation attempted to use the demon Belial as a component of their supercomputer Pierce that served to detect antimemes. After absorbing Belial as a concept, it occupied the linguistic aspect of the noosphere where it began developing through the subsumption of English lexemes associated with their respective concepts, causing severe damage to humanity and Fifthism. The Foundation attempted to sever SCP-5712's connection to the infosphere by exorcising Belial from the supercomputer, but although they were successful in removing the demon from the noosphere SCP-5712 continued operating while its more powerful brethren discovered the human noosphere.
  • SCP-5800: The fifth dimension referenced by the Fifthists and their scriptures. It is a reality that exists in a higher dimension and is inhabited by various living abstract ideas and concepts such as SCP-3125 and SCP-5712 that feast on one another. The Foundation was able to discover an aperture to SCP-5800, designated SCP-5800-1, located approximately 5.5 au away from the Earth and appears as a uniform 5-polytope with the Schläfli symbol increasing in notation every 215 years. The Foundation sent a colony to explore the aperture, but this resulted in the concept of the Foundation partially submerging inside SCP-5800, becoming SCP-5800-A, which caused several high ranking Foundation personnel to be replaced with Fifthists who proceeded to release various Fifthist anomalies.
  • SCP-5967: A group of five-meter-tall pillars composed of muscle and eyeballs which originated from Lyndhurst, New Jersey. These pillars were able to speak about Fifthist ideologies which forced listeners to adhere to these ideologies. These pillars were formerly humans who after being affected by the effects of a Fifthist group known as "The Commune" transformed into their current state and helped the Commune's leaders, Ceasar Winters and Salem Steros in controlling the minds of the residents of Lyndhurst.
  • SCP-5982:
  • SCP-6032:
  • SCP-6037:
  • SCP-6314-E: A possible sapient echinoderm named Einstein created by Dr. Wondertainment. It has possible ties to Fifthism.
  • SCP-6655: A Fifthist memetic infection that caused most Foundation employees at Site-55, including researchers and D-Class, to perform horrible torture to their fellow employees and themselves, under the pretext of performing experiments.
  • LTE-0851-Cetus: A crocodilian and cephalopodic gigantic monster which had caused massive destruction throughout the world before being subdued. Because of its five dimensional appearance, most Fifthists believed it to be one of Fifthism's angels.
  • SCP-ES-105: A phenomenon which causes the manifestation of constellations or asterisms with blinking stars replacing the actual natural constellations and the generation of St. Elmo's fire weather phenomenon around the stars before certain events such as concerts, riots, or sightings of unidentified objects or creatures occur. This is seemingly caused by star charts, designated SCP-ES-105-1, created by Fifthists who planned to use the phenomenons to brainwash people observing the stars into participating in their events.





  • The Fifth Church seems to have been influenced by the Church of Scientology, Gnosticism, the Church of Happyology, the Hippie movements, the Church of Starry Wisdom from the Cthulhu Mythos, and Western esotericism.
  • Both SCP-2454 and SCP-2678 which were related to Fifthism were deleted and replaced due to the former having plagiarized from Wikipedia while one of the co-authors requested the latter to be deleted.
  • While being tortured by SCP-3999, Researcher Talloran was brainwashed into thinking that he was a high Fifthist leader named Brian Fredrick Bondiskey while SCP-3999 masqueraded itself as a Fifthist artifact and both were delivered to the Serpent's Hand who thought that they needed to always stay close to each other.
  • The woodworker from SCP-3330 was a reference to The Whittler from Welcome to Night Vale.
  • In "Experiment Log 914 - Part XVII", when Dr. Noelle Cahill put inside SCP-914 a copy of One More Drifter in the Snow by Aimee Mann on the Fine setting, 914 produced a copy of Get Wet In Deep Space by Constellation Starfish which was subsequently incinerated.

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SCP-023SCP-024SCP-031SCP-046-1SCP-049SCP-075SCP-079SCP-080SCP-082SCP-087-1SCP-096SCP-136-2SCP-137SCP-153SCP-157SCP-173SCP-178-1SCP-230SCP-277-R█SCP-286-1SCP-286-2SCP-303SCP-312SCP-333-CSCP-372SCP-401SCP-428SCP-439SCP-457SCP-511SCP-513-1SCP-542SCP-548SCP-567-9SCP-617SCP-625SCP-631SCP-666-1SCP-681SCP-693SCP-701-1SCP-735SCP-745SCP-747SCP-797SCP-811SCP-844SCP-847SCP-899SCP-924SCP-930 EntitySCP-932SCP-956SCP-966SCP-973-2SCP-1051SCP-1111-1SCP-1145SCP-1299-1SCP-1316SCP-1337SCP-1451SCP-1913SCP-1471-ASCP-1499-1SCP-1915SCP-1919-1SCP-1972-BSCP-2014SCP-2254SCP-2396-BSCP-2401-AlphaSCP-2419-ASCP-2427-3SCP-2940-BSCP-2999SCP-3008-2SCP-3019-ASCP-3114SCP-3166SCP-3280SCP-3388SCP-3631-1SCP-3786SCP-3785-1SCP-3838-8SCP-3860SCP-4166-2SCP-4187SCP-4231-ASCP-4310SCP-4434SCP-4670SCP-4680SCP-4812-ESCP-4924-ASCP-4959 (SCP-4959-A)SCP-4975SCP-5045-1SCP-5935-1SCP-6076SCP-6198SCP-6618-ASCP-6979

Keter SCPs
SCP-017SCP-129SCP-029SCP-035SCP-047SCP-058SCP-060-AlphaSCP-076-2SCP-106SCP-122-1SCP-140-ASCP-165SCP-169SCP-204-1SCP-231-1SCP-280SCP-307SCP-352SCP-354 EntitiesSCP-363SCP-339SCP-427-1SCP-435-2SCP-469SCP-575SCP-571SCP-582SCP-589SCP-610SCP-682SCP-752-1SCP-783SCP-823SCP-939SCP-940SCP-953SCP-968SCP-990SCP-1000SCP-1048 (SCP-1048 Duplicates)SCP-1128SCP-1155SCP-1322-ASCP-1368-1SCP-1736SCP-1739SCP-1765SCP-5598SCP-1788-1SCP-1790SCP-1984-01SCP-2030-1SCP-2075SCP-2191-1SCP-2191-2SCP-2191-3SCP-2200-2SCP-2317-KSCP-2399SCP-2385SCP-2408-4SCP-2439SCP-2440SCP-2490SCP-2521SCP-2747SCP-2774-ASCP-2807SCP-2846-ASCP-2852SCP-2863SCP-2877-2SCP-2935 EntitySCP-2950SCP-3002SCP-3003-2SCP-3004-1SCP-3007 EntitySCP-3033SCP-3125SCP-3167SCP-3199SCP-3288 (Emperor Maximilian)SCP-3340SCP-3456SCP-3503SCP-3643SCP-3799SCP-3760SCP-3997SCP-4105-BSCP-4205SCP-4290SCP-4293SCP-4315-2SCP-4335SCP-4666SCP-4715SCP-4812-KSCP-4833SCP-4840-BSCP-4856SCP-4885SCP-4886SCP-4910SCP-4947SCP-5049-ASCP-5167SCP-5172SCP-5267-ASCP-5284SCP-5423SCP-5659SCP-5683SCP-5761-1SCP-6004SCP-6013SCP-6096SCP-6427SCP-6840

Apollyon SCPs

Thaumiel SCPs

Esoteric SCPs
SCP-2085-1SCP-2845SCP-3396SCP-3700-2SCP-3895SCP-4444SCP-4971-▽SCP-5034SCP-5346 EntitySCP-INTEGERSCP-6061-1SCP-6747-CSCP-6810SCP-6882-1SCP-6987

Explained SCPs

Neutralized/Decommissioned SCPs

Joke SCPs

International SCPs
Spanish Branch

French Branch

German Branch

Italian Branch

Japanese Branch

Korean Branch

Russian Branch
SCP-1026-RUSCP-1030-RU EntitiesSCP-1109-RU

Chinese Branch

Traditional Chinese Branch

Portuguese Branch

Ukrainian Branch

SCP-001 Proposals
SCP-001 (The Council)SCP-001 (The Database)SCP-001 (Atonement)SCP-001 (The Broken God)SCP-001 (Past and Future)SCP-001 (The Prototype)SCP-001 (The Factory)SCP-001 (The Scarlet King)SCP-001 (The Way It Ends)SCP-001 (The Black Moon)SCP-001-A1 (The Preserver)SCP-001 (The Insurgency)

Canon SCP Beings
AlagaddansApakhtBlinkersBrothers DeathChildren of the NightFaeriesHe-Who-Made-DarkHe-Who-Made-LightMalidramagiuanNeverwereO5 CouncilPattern ScreamersPhobic EntitiesSCP-5000-█StridersStudio GuardiansUnclean

Old Gods
Black MoonThe FactoryHanged KingHe Who Walks Beneath DreamsHr'sthnpolJeserLord GoranKing WormMa'tolMekhaneMolochNahashSaturn DeerScarlet KingSCP-682SCP-2845SCP-3000SCP-3004-1SCP-3125SCP-3388SCP-4315-2SCP-4950SCP-4971-▽TeranThothTokage-takoViolet MageVoruteutUnseelie QueenYaldabaothXiolt-laZsar Magoth

Old Gods' Servants
Adytum's Wake (Cornelius P. Bodfel III)Ambassador of AlagaddaArchonsBLACKSTARBobble the ClownChosen of GodChildren of the Scarlet King (Elder Rockwell, John Yttoric)Church of the Broken God (Robert Bumaro, Trunnion, Hedwig)Daevites (Orvo, Lror, Ydax)Fifth Church (Celebration 'Big Cheese' Horace)Grand Karcist IonJames AndersonMr. ReddSCP-035SCP-076-2SCP-096SCP-2852SCP-3456SCP-3700-2SCP-3785-1SCP-4231-A

Adam El AsemBlack QueenCornelius P. Bodfel IIICalvin LucienD-3826D-7294dadoDaniel DeVornDr. DämmerDr. Elliott EmersonDr. Madison CraggsDr. Jack BrightDr. WDraga NegrescuElijahElizabeth CrockerENTITY-NaClOEzekiel ClarkGeneral BoweGrand Karcist IonGrigori RasputinHerman FullerIris DarkJames AndersonJames FranklinKeeLeeKonrad WeissLeopold ILeonid ChernoffLovataarMadeleine von SchaefferMavra IsimeriaMikkel BorovMr. ReddMr. NightNadoxO5-0OrokOtari IosavaRasmin YelkovRichard ChappellRobert BumaroRuprecht CartetRuiz DuchampRyoto HishakakuPico WilsonPit SlothSmiling ManSaarnSCP-2089-1's CaptorSkitter MarshallSimon OswaltTravelerThomas GrahamUIU 1933-001Vincent Anderson

SCPs In Video Games
SCP-035SCP-049SCP-079SCP-087-1SCP-087-B EntitiesSCP-096SCP-106SCP-173SCP-372SCP-513-1SCP-553SCP-682SCP-860-2SCP-939SCP-966SCP-990SCP-1048SCP-1048 DuplicatesSCP-1499-1SCP-3008-2SCP-XXXX

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