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As actors, it is our responsibility to read newspapers, and then say what we read like it's our own opinion.
~ Janeane Garofalo.

Film Actors Guild (humorously called F.A.G.) is the antagonistic organization in the 2004 comedy film Team America: World Police.


F.A.G. is a committee composed entirely of successful film actors. Every member hates Team America which polices the entire Earth. F.A.G. wants to kill Team America and help Kim Jong-il take over the world. During the film's climax, the actor were all present in the climactic battle at Kim Jong-il's palace. Sean Penn and Danny Glover lured Joe and Sarah into a room and had Kim's panthers attack them. Sarah turned the tables however with her psychic power and the panthers went after Penn and Glover, killing them. Susan Sarandon tied herself up in order to trick Team America into believing that she had sided against the others. She hoped they would untie her and then she would secretly be able to kill them. Gary saw through this however and he and Chris killed her off and falls off a balcony where she crashes to the ground below to her death, splattering as she hits the ground. Ethan Hawke, George Clooney, Liv Tyler and Janeane Garofalo were all killed in a shootout by Team America. Helen Hunt was killed by Sarah during a sword fight, while Samuel L. Jackson was killed by Chris who kicked him in the face so hard, that his head split in half, Matt Damon was killed by Gary who snapped his neck and Tim Robbins was also killed when Chris set fire to him after he was covered in gasoline. The only surviving member was Martin Sheen, who was presumably knocked out by Joe.

There are several other actors in the meeting scene, but it's hard to determine who they are, since their names on their panels are hard to make out. Two members who didn't make the R-rated cut and are only seen in a deleted portion of the meeting scene are Meryl Streep (who doesn't speak) and Ben Affleck (who is portrayed by a crew member's hand with the arm dressed up, due to Matt Stone and Trey Parker's disdain for him, as seen later in the movie during "The End of an Act", as well as South Park, where he is unintelligent).


  • Alec Baldwin: The leader of F.A.G. Baldwin is considered the finest actor in the world. He is admired by Gary Johnson who is the newest member of Team America. Baldwin gives a speech at the world peace conference which is set up by the film's main antagonist Kim Jong-il.
  • Danny Glover:
  • Ethan Hawke:
  • George Clooney:
  • Helen Hunt:
  • Janeane Garofalo:
  • Liv Tyler:
  • Martin Sheen:
  • Matt Damon: He helps Baldwin set up the fake peace conference with Kim Jong-il. Team America attacks the conference and Matt is drawn into the conflict. He confronts Joe, who is the newest member of Team America. He manages to grab Joe but is shoved against a wall. Matt is so distracted that he doesn't notice Gary, a member of Team America. Gary sneaks up behind Matt and cuts his throat, thus killing him.
  • Samuel L. Jackson:
  • Sean Penn:
  • Susan Sarandon:
  • Tim Robbins:


  • Actor Matt Damon is not able to say anything except for his own name.
  • Fag is a derogatory term for a gay person.
  • Fag is also the name of a British cigar.
  • FAG is a parody of the Screen Actors Guild.



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