This is... my end mark! Fin!
~ Final words before Death

The Film Shadow is a film-themed Shadow Monster that appears in Episode 38 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa who previously voiced Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan, Propla, Zodomas and later voiced Gamettsui.


The Film Shadow made his first appearance at the Touto Film Studio where he was chasing one of the producer named Bubaigawara Warajirou before getting witnessed by the arrival of the ToQgers where they followed him towards a pond. After the intro the team then battles the Film Shadow. However during the fight he used own ability to trap the team in film and then sets them on fire. After that he used his Hit Film where he sent the ToQgers to the film dimension as they were getting attack by fighter jets, a T-Rex and a UFO. However when Right is about to use the Hyper Ressha the Film Shadow prevents him from doing that as he told him to use it in the climax, so with that said he used his ability and leaves.

A while later he then appears on the film screen as he revealed himself behind the mysterious kidnapping of the staff and actors. He plans to edit the nightmares from the staff to become a literal dark film called Yamitto Monster Z and when it appears on a national road show the people who were watching it will produce even more darkness that will blackened the planet itself. However Kagura criticizes the Film Shadow's movie already before even watching it. So with that said he left the screen as if its a door way and battles the team while the producer films it.

As this goes on the team manages destroy two of film shadow's ability so he was about to make a hasty retreat with Kagura on his tail. After that the team managed to catch up to him as they open fired on the Film Shadow causing him to let go of his masterpiece as its been destroyed by Hikari and then he was defeated by this finisher called Rainbow Rush which takes form of a security guard as he got pummeled and then sucker punch towards the sky.

However he used what's left of the darkness that he got from the film that he made to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out the ToQ Rainbow to battle him. However during the fight he used the screen that will transport the team where they get scared by these "horrors", but Hikari wasn't frightened at all which surprised the Film Shadow as he takes that back. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Final Slash.



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