Fimir balefiend

A fimir Balefiend

The Fimir are a hostile and malicious race of reptilian humanoids with one eye from the tabletop games Warhammer Fantasy Battles and HeroQuest.


The Fimir are cyclopean amphibious humanoid creatures that haunt swamps, fens and desolate moorlands throughout the northern Old World. Their strongholds take the form of forbidding, craggy piles of rock, crudely built in the semblance of the castles of more civilised races. Such dwellings are seldom seen by outsiders, for they are wreathed in thick mist, a miasma which is magically generated by the Fimir to shield their fortresses from prying eyes, and themselves from the harsh glare of the sun.

Long before the rise of Man, possibly while the High Elves and the Dwarves ruled the Old World, the Fimir worshipped the Chaos Gods, and for a time enjoyed their favor. But then, the attention of the gods was swiftly drawn to the more vibrant and amusing race of humans, and the Fimir were abandoned, reduced to seeking boons from bound Daemons where once they had enjoyed the blessings of gods. However, they are still loyal to the Chaos Gods to some degree. They seek to destabilize the barrier between the mortal world and the Realm of Chaos, thus aiding the Chaos Gods to their ultimate victory, and so regaining their favor.

Fimir have thick, protective yellow-green skin, pointed snouts, jagged fangs, and a sigle large eye. The Fimm are the strongest of the Fimir, with cruel bony clubs at the tips of their tails. The Balefiends, on the other hand, have witchsight in their singular eyes.


99 Fimir out of 100 are male. The only female Fimir are the Meargh, powerful spellcasters who are the matriarchs of the Fimir tribes. There is only one Meargh per tribe; if she has a daughter, the daughter will leave to form her own tribe. The Meargh is aided by a cabal of sorcerers known as Balefiends. The Fimm are the warrior caste of Fimir society, but the majority of clan members are the lowly Shearls.


  • In Total War Warhammer, the Fimir appear as units in the Norsca faction.
  • They appear as random enemies in the videogame adaptations of Hero QUest and Warhammer Quest.
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