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Finback is a minor antagonist in Generation One of the Transformers franchise. He was based on a figure from the 1988 toyline.

Marvel Comics

Finback first appeared in Issue #40 as one of six members of Scorponok's crew who were given the new Pretender technology, surrounded with protective shells that made them resemble giant monsters. Their first assignment was to launch an attack on Alternate Reality Inc. There, they met the new Autobot Pretenders, created by copying the technology, who were being directed by a recording of Optimus Prime's personality. The Decepticons were beaten back.

Finback reappeared during the Underbase Saga, as part of Scorponok's force who first battled the Earth Decepticons led by Ratbat and then the Autobots. Once it became clear that all three factions had been manipulated by Starscream, who had absorbed part of the power of the Underbase, they formed a truce to defend Earth from him. Finback was part of the team operating in Tokyo under Scorponok and Grimlock. He and his fellow Pretenders were among the few to survive Starscream's attack, since their organic shells protected them.

Finback next appeared in Issue #54, where he and the others Pretenders enacted Scorponok's scheme to trigger a lightning storm that would destroy half of New York, allowing them to siphon off the energy. He and Submarauder were assigned the job of laying an electric cable around the bayou, being left to guard it by Iguanus when the Autobot Micromasters intervened. He last appeared in Issue #75 as one of the Transformers defending Cybertron from Unicron. He operated one of the cannons but managed to overload it and was killed in the explosion.


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