Fire Marshall Bill

Let me show you something!
~ Fire Marshall Bill's famous and constantly used quote.
Not to worry folks. I'm a fire marshall.
~ Fire Marshall Bill's second most uttered quote, usually said before he ultimately blows up a building.

Fire Marshall Bill is a minor antagonist in the comedy TV show In Living Color. The ways that Fire Marshall Bill gets hurt are usually meant to be funny but are often too painful to watch. He is one of the most iconic characters on the show.

He was portrayed by Jim Carrey.


He is an insane and seemingly immortal fire marshall who pops up in different locations at random and gives out advice and how to avoid fires and other dangerous hazards, however all the advice he gives is completely useless and deranged, and instead of preventing hazards he instead causes them by creating several "examples" of danger which end up backfiring and causing serious damage to his surroundings or to himself and at the end of the each of his lectures he takes out a bomb, lighter or other explosive device (or uses his own body) and destroys the location which he is in. After the devastation clears, he is always shown to survive albeit with his body either horribly mutilated, burned, electrocuted, beheaded or smashed, but he'll eventually show up again fully regenerated and ready to give out more "advice" like a destructive agent of chaos. One example is when he had a presentation with a group of elementary school kids and ended up destroying the school by lighting a fire which he did for some reason to explain to the kids how to put it out and ended up blowing up the school.

He is also incredibly old, having even been responsible for the sinking of the Titanic in order to prove whether it really was unsinkable and the destruction of the Hindenburge because "mooring lines can be awfully flammable" and even manages to live into the future where he survived in the vacuum of space and destroyed the United Nations' space station.


  • He is married to a woman named Ashley who shares his odd way of speaking and oddball immortality. She appears to be as insane as he is and supports his dangerous occupation and penchant for destruction.
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