The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.
~ Iroh to Zuko on the nature of the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation (in Chinese: 烈火國) is one of the 4 elemental nations in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was up to Avatar Aang to stop them before Sozin's comet hit. As the name suggests, some citizens of the Fire Nation have the talent of Firebending.

Members of the Fire Nation have black or dark brown hair, amber/gold, dark brown or dark gray eyes, and pale skin. The men in older years sport beards and mustaches, and almost all Fire Nation citizens have topknots. Members of the army wear red and black uniforms that may have yellow touches to them. Civilians wear red and white or red tinted outfits. Nobles and politicians wear a two pronged flamed topknot piece, and the Fire Lord wears a gold flame topknot piece. Their clothing and architecture seem to reflect Chinese and Japanese influences.

One hundred years before the beginning of the Avatar: The Last Airbender story, Fire Lord Sozin declared war on the other three nations, claiming it was an attempt to unite them and bring peace to the world. The Fire Nation's attacks were brutal, with a deliberate campaign of extermination against the AIr Nomads, in an attempt to destroy the young Avatar Aang.


  • Sozin's father - Fire Lord - (?? - 58 AG)
  • Sozin - Fire Lord (58 BG - 20 AG)
  • Azulon - Fire Lord (20 - 95 AG)
  • Ozai - Fire Lord (95 - 100 AG) / Phoenix King
  • Azula - Fire Lord (briefly)
  • Zuko - Fire Lord (100 - 167 AG)
  • Izumi - Fire Lord (167 AG - present)
  • Bujing - General
  • Iroh - General
  • Shinu - General
  • Shu - General
  • Mak - General
  • Mung - General
  • Mongke - Colonel
  • Shinu - Colonel
  • Chey - Captain (deserted)
  • Unnamed Guard Captain
  • Chan - Admiral
  • Jeong Jeong - Admiral (deserted)
  • Liang - Admiral
  • Zhao - Admiral
  • Unnamed Southern Raider Commander
  • Yon Rha - Commander
  • Azula's ship captain
  • Li - Captain
  • Jee - Lieutenant
  • Minister Qin - War Minister
  • Fire Sages
    • High Sage
    • Great Sage
    • Kaja
    • Shyu
  • Combustion Man
  • Elua
  • Fat
  • Piandao (former)
  • Ukano - Governor


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