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The Fireball Monster is the seventh of Egos' Monsters.

He is voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa who previously voiced a Vein Mask, an Iron Princess Mask and later voiced a Pterano Mozoo, a Toad Nezire, Zombeast and Sadist Gougan.


He led a group of Cutmen to perform as arsonists. His idealism is that those who don't join Egos don't have the right to live. So he would assign the Cutmen disguised as humans to burn the homes of the ones who refuse to join Egos. Their plans were back fired when a boy who was recovering from the hospital was having visions of Ego being the ones responsible for burning civilian homes. Fireball Monster uses a three pointed sword for a weapon. Whie his robot counterpart resembles himself except it's sword can shoot out a flame.


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