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I do not trust you!
~ Firefist confronting Deadpool.
All are going to be our bitches!
~ Firefist to Juggernaut.
Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hands.
~ Firefist as an adult.

Russell Collins, later dubbed as Firefist, is the main antagonist of the superhero comedy film Deadpool 2. He is a mutant kid with the ability to control fire who is targeted by Cable due to killing his family in the future. However, Firefist's descent into villainy is thanks to the abuse he suffered at the hands of Mutant Re-education Center's Headmaster, leading Deadpool to join forces with a reluctant Cable to stop Russell before he turns into a supervillain.

As a child, he was portrayed by Julian Dennison. As an adult, he was portrayed by Sala Baker, who also played Sauron in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Russell is a boy with problems of being aggressive due to the torture he suffered for the director of the orphanage of mutants. Because of this, he does not tend to have much control over his powers and his anger is only a desire for revenge towards those who hurt him.

Russell character was likely suffered from Borderline personality disorder (BPD), also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD). Russell's character has tendency criteria for borderline personality disorder diagnostic. For example his deep resentment towards the orphanage staff and the Headmaster after being violently torment, especially the Headmaster.

This lead to Russell's thirst of revenge towards the orphanage staff and the Headmaster and most likely Russell's willing to use any means necessary in order to accomplish his revenge. However at some point can be good and kind towards those who actually nice and dear towards him, however if those who was nice and dear to him turns against him, Russell's can be so harsh and vicious to those who once nice and dear to him. One example is when Deadpool defend and help Russell after seeing Russell being violently abused by the orphanage at the beginning.

Russell then regards Deadpool as his friend and allies and at some point defending Deadpool, when they both were locked at the Ice Box. However when Russell's saw that Deadpool is actually neglecting him and didn't care for Russell's defend's on Deadpool and at some point when Deadpool said "I'm not Your Friend" to Russell, Russell's then turn against Deadpool and consider him an "enemy" just like the Headmaster. This could be proven after Russell's befriend with juggernaut and when Deadpool try to saved Russell's from cable when he was about to be transfer from Ice Box, when juggernaut attack and dismembered Deadpool, Russell didn't cared at all towards Deadpool and only turns him away.

This was several examples of BPD sufferer which was caused by Emotionally unstable. Most of them are tense to act unexpectedly and without consideration of the consequences and also could outbursts of anger or violence, with inability to control the resulting behavioral explosions. Sometimes the BPD sufferer can be so nice and dear towards someone. But when they feel uncomfortable or unappreciated by those who once they thought was nice and dear, the sufferer could resent them very much and at some point turn lethal towards them.


Russell started out as one of the orphaned mutant children who were sent to an orphanage, where he and the other kids were abused and mistreated by its Headmaster. Eventually, Firefist snapped out and brutally killed the Headmaster, developing his own pride of killing people for pleasure. This event led him to become an assassin criminal for hire, and among the people he killed were Cable's wife and daughter, which led an angry Cable to go back in time to kill Firefist before he becomes a killer.

In the present, Deadpool, Colossus and Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead attempted to pacify a standoff between Firefist and several authorities at the orphanage, but not before Deadpool learns that Firefist was abused by the Headmaster and his staff. This resulted in the death of one of the staff members, and for Deadpool and Firefist to be arrested and taken to the "Icebox" (an isolated prison for mutant criminals). However, the arrival of Cable allowed Firefist to escape, but not before he overhears Deadpool denying to Cable that he cares for the young mutant in order to protect him.

After freeing Juggernaut, Firefist formed a plot with him to kill the Headmaster. However, Cable decides to give Deadpool a chance in talking Firefist out of his plan so that the bad future will be averted. As Colossus distracts Juggernaut, Deadpool tries to reason with Firefist, but the latter refuses due to his hatred towards the Headmaster. This prompted an angry Cable to shoot down Firefist, but Deadpool sacrifices himself by taking the bullet. Upon witnessing this and realizing what the folly of revenge could do, Firefist finally agrees to become a better person.

Cable would later use his last charge on his time-traveling device to save Deadpool's life by strapping a token into Deadpool's heart before they arrived at the orphanage, just as the Headmaster is run over by Wilson's taxi-driver friend Dopinder. Anyway, Russell still has his change of heart and lets his evil personality to go away, thus erasing not only his murderous future but the deaths of Cable's family from the timeline, much to Cable's relief.


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