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When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light.
~ Fireflies' slogan.

The Fireflies are an antagonistic group in The Last of Us series. They are a rebel group that opposes the oppressing United States Armed Forces under the control of FEDRA.


American Dreams

In a shootout between the Fireflies and the Military in Boston, Ellie and Riley came through where the militia lost the battle. To cover the escape of the group, Riley used Winston's smoke bombs. Later, a pair of girls were found and taken prisoners by the Fireflies in the mall. Marlene, recognizing Ellie, ordered the Fireflies to keep them alive. Despite the Fireflies searching the cure for the CBI for many years, this resulted in vain.

The Last of Us

Between September 2013 when the CBI started and 2014 A.D., Marlene founded the Fireflies and began to fight against the tyrannical FEDRA in order to restore pre-outbreak government of United States. The Fireflies were for uprisings, occasional terrorist attacks and guerillas. Between and 2018 and 2033, some former Fireflies members became Hunters. By the Summer of 2033, in Boston, Robert sold the weapons to the Fireflies. Joel and Tess (who later died) smuggled Ellie to the St. Mary Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah in April 2034. Despite this, Joel stopped this by killing many Fireflies, took Ellie, then killed Marlene and the pair left the hospital. It is unknown what later became the Fireflies after this.

Factions MP

Fireflies appears as one of a pair of the playable factions along with their opposing faction, the Hunters.

The Last of Us Part II

The reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II shows the Firefly logo painted on a stop sign.

It's revealed that after Joel saved Ellie and killed Marlene, the Fireflies disbanded. However, some former Fireflies had gathered in Santa Barbara to restart the group. Abby and Lev made contact with one of them and tried to find them, but was captured by the Rattlers, until Ellie saved them.

Known Members

  • Alex Raymond Vincent (000256)
  • Alex Rohner (000260)
  • Andrea
  • Ben Glueck (000106)
  • Brent Pino (000317)
  • Bryony Stewart-Seume (000102)
  • Colby Reed (000232)
  • David Michael Vigil (000102)
  • Eddie Fuentes (000158)
  • Erik Griggs (000111)
  • Ethan (deceased)
  • Greg (deceased)
  • Hope Pino (000318)
  • Hui Wang (000197)
  • Joe Warren (deceased, infected; 000310)
  • John
  • Joseph Lenz (000113)
  • Josh Scheffler (000127)
  • Kari (status: determinant)
  • Katerina Perch (000149)
  • Kazden Risk (000153)
  • Kerry
  • Lucas Rios (000295)
  • Marc
  • Marlene (leader; deceased)
  • Maryanne (alleged member)
  • Matthew White (000118)
  • Melanie
  • Melinda Davidson (000214)
  • Michael Kiper (000109)
  • Natalie Hoo (000202)
  • Nicole Hoo (000201)
  • Paul D. Braun (000153)
  • Peter Morizk (000263)
  • Philip Liu (000105)
  • Riley Abel (deceased; 000129)
  • Robert Righetti (000219)
  • Robin (deceased)
  • Roger
  • Ryan Oliverio (000194)
  • Sadie Pearle Hickman (000231)
  • Shiyao Jiang (000178)
  • Tania (deceased)
  • Tommy (formerly)
  • Travis Kristof (000283)
  • Trevor
  • Unnamed Firefly scientist
  • Unnamed Firefly sniper


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