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Firefly is a recurring antagonist of the G.I. Joe series. He is a mercenary of COBRA who serves for the Cobra Commander.


Being the most enigmatic of COBRA's agents, the mysterious Firefly enjoys what he does with a passion. An expert in pyrotechnics and explosives, Firefly is a deadly foe for G.I. Joe, as he never goes anywhere with out his precious flame based weapons. Aside from his skills in arson, Firefly is a master thief, being able to sneak in and out of anywhere with ease, and rarely being seen (the comic book tie-in states that this is thanks to his being raised by a ninja clan as a way to pay back a debt his father owed the ninja's). But as a precaution, Firefly demands that his hostages, if he ever has any, never look at his face (possibly due to the fact that since COBRA is a known terrorist group, and that he's a known operative, he can't risk being identified. But even the hottest of flames can be put out, as Firefly's battles with G.I. Joe can prove.


Firefly is a very skilled thief, arsonist, spy, and martial artist. He also has super strength, as he's willing fight off any Joes if necessary.


Sunbow series

Firefly serves as a saboteur and mercenary to Cobra Commander, even having underworld contacts whenever COBRA is desperate of finance due to losing so much money on their plots. He also made a cameo appearance in G.I. Joe: The Movie.

G.I. Joe: Resolute

Firely made a cameo appearance in the miniseries, where he fired a holographic transmitter to the U.N. so that Cobra Commander can relay his demands to the world leaders.

G.I. Joe: Renegades

A more psychotic, burn scar covered, fire worshipping Firefly appears in the new G.I. Joe series on the Hub, in the tenth episode. The Baroness hires Firefly to destroy a town of COBRA protesters, only for his plan to be foiled by the Joes and local town fireman/former COBRA employee, Barbacue. In a climatic final battle, Firefly is seemingly killed when his helicopter crashes into the town dam.

Live-action series


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