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The First Families of Rigel were a group of powerful Zami Rigelian families from Rigel IV, or Four as Rigelians called the planet.

As Zami they were humanoid beings, ranging from having a fairly Vulcanoid appearance to being indistinguishable from humans.

Originally the absolute rulers of Four, they lost power and influence after by the mid 22nd century as they made first contact with the more technologically advanced Jelna from Rigel V. By the mid 22nd century the First Families were little more than pirates and gangsters locked in a conflict with the Rigelian Trade Commission for control of the Rigel system.

The First Families were xenophobic, regarding the non-human Jelna or Chelons as little more than animals. They were also noted for being very cruel to non family Zami living on Rigel IV, treating them as serfs. The First Families kept nearly all technological advancements to themselves. The most common Zami living on Four were forbidden from possessing modern technology, at most they were allowed primitive internal combustion engine powered trucks and two dimensional screens that broadcast a never ending stream of First Family propaganda.

Eventually a resistance movement against the First Families came into being, with the First Families murdering many members of the resistance. The First Families cared little about innocent civilians and were willing to stoop to biological warfare against the Resistance.

In 2164 the United Federation of Planets invited the many worlds of the Rigel system to join the Federation. Many First Families on Four were overthrown, their operatives arrested throughout the system, and their assets seized. Other families invited RTC peacemakers to come to Four with the intent of helping that world adopt a more democratic form of government.

The First Families that survived the overthrow moved into more of a shadowy role in Rigelian government. Some of the First Families were still in existence by the mid 24th century.

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