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Oooooh... Fish.
~ Drunk Moxxie seeing the fish monster.

The Fish Monster is an one shot antagonist in Helluva Boss.

He's a giant fish monster mutated with the Verosika Mayday's beelzejuice and the secondary antagonist of the third episode "Spring Broken".

His sounds and roars were provided by Morgana Ignis.


The fish monster was formerly a normal catfish, but the reason why he turned into a monster is due the fact that Verosika dropped his Beelzejuice into the sea, causing him to turn into a violent giant beast. When he first shows up, he started to kill several humans and trying to eat Moxxie, then Millie killed a man and turned his cocktail into an molotov which he used to attack the monster. Then Millie goes to the fish monster's mouth to try to save Moxxie. Which Moxxie gaves at Millie an high five instead due the fact that he was drunk. Then Millie cut the monster's tongue to save and free him, Moxxie was launched out of the fish's mouth, while Millie escaped by punching its wounded tongue, before climbing up its face. both Millie and fish monster start fighting and the fish monster end up dying due the fact that Millie cut his stomach, leaving his dead body in the sea.


  • The fish monster is the only Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss character to be a monster.
  • The fish monster is the only Helluva Boss villain to be not faced and defeated by Blitzo.
  • The Beelzejuice which turned him into a monster, would be actually a drink that can turn the creatures in the human world into giant monsters.
  • The fish monster is also the second villain to be not a demon. The first being Martha from the first Helluva Boss episode "Murder Family".


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