Fisher is a minor antagonist of the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale. He is a contact of the corrupt MI6 chief Dryden until his death.

He was portrayed by Darwin Shaw.


Fisher was briefly seen in the opening of the film, attending a cricket match in Lahore, Pakistan. As it turns out, he is involved in Dryden's plot to sell MI6 secrets on the black market. However, M has caught wind of Dryden selling MI6 secrets, so she hired James Bond to put an end to it.

With that in mind, Bond was able to track down Fisher, chasing him down into a restroom, where they engaged into a fight, smashing through several toilet cubicles. Bond would later shove Fisher in a sink in an attempt to drown him to death. Though it would've seemed that Fisher drowned, it was a ruse to grab his gun to shoot down Bond from behind. However, Bond noticed this and managed to use his sidearm to kill Fisher, marking his first kill. Bond would later confront Dryden in Prague and kill him, thus marking his first day as an MI6 agent.


  • Fisher's last appearance was silhouetted against the white tiles and shot from the perspective of Fisher's gun barrel; this is shown on screen as a modified version of the traditional gun barrel sequence that led into the film's opening credits.



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