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I didn't want to do this, but you and Meg are forcing my hand!
~ Fisher attacking the Vault Dweller

Caleb Fisher or simply known as Fisher is a secondary antagonist in Fallout 76 in the Raider side of the Wastelanders storyline. He is a technician for Meg's raider gang who betrays her in favor of joining Lev's gang, which he believes is stronger.


Fisher appears as a fair skinned man with hair tied into a small ponytail, a beard, and black facepaint around his eyes. He wears a raider waster outfit initially, but when he joins Lev's gang he wears a full suit of raider power armor.


Fisher grew up in an Amish community but left after losing his faith, eventually he joined Meg's raider gang around the time Lev joined, unlike Surge Fisher doesn't express distaste in Meg's recruiting tactics with him becoming friends with Lucky Lou but still believes that Meg is a terrible leader and thinks Lev is a stronger leader. Fisher first helps the Vault 76 dweller with tracking down Lucky Lou after he goes into hiding to end his own life, initially lying about Lou's location but eventually confesses with the Dweller meeting Fisher's tracker Weasel and the two are able to convince Lou to return. Before the heist on Vault 79 begins if the raiders are chosen to work with. Fisher turns his back on Meg and even his friends in favor of joining Lev's gang of turncoats. When the Vault Dweller arrives at Lev's hideout, Fisher along with Surge and the rest of the traitors attack the Vault Dweller, with Fisher donning a suit of Raider power armor and wielding a Minigun, however despite this Fisher, like the other traitors and later Lev himself, is ultimately killed by the Vault Dweller.

However if the Vault Dweller choses to work with the Settlers, Lev never betrays Meg and Fisher remains a member of her gang.


It'll take more than that to get through this armor!
~ Fisher while fighting the Vault Dweller



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