I won't.. let... you... Escape...!
~ Fist of Grudge

The Fist of Grudge is the first boss faced in the video-game Catherine.


The Fist of Grudge takes the form of two twisted female arms with silver hair wrapped around each one, wielding a fork as a weapon.


Vincent enters the first boss battle. Adjusting to the new environment he was just thrown into, he hears a faint and grim voice. "You...won't...escape..." Vincent recognizes the voice hesitantly as Katherine, but has no time to think as the boss comes at him. This is the start of the first boss.


The prominent display of cracked vivid blue fingernail polish, silver hair along the arms and dessert fork is meant to immediately remind the player of Katherine; especially because of the previous scenes focusing on those parts of her. The boss represents Vincent's fear of committing to Katherine, and losing his personal freedom. This is echoed in her lines that focus on entrapment.

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