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Fistina is a minor antagonist in the Ben 10 series.


First appearing in "The More Things Change: Part 1", Fistina, with Liam and Bubble Helmet head inside Mr. Baumann's shop, where Bubble Helmet fights Cannonbolt and Fistina escapes after a bomb is planted as a distraction. She appears in the second part of the two-part episode, where she returns to her base only to be beaten alongside Psyphon.

She later appears in "Special Delivery", on a date with Loovis Slerdlerk, helps Ben defeat Looma Red Wind in "Rules Of Engagement", works for Argit along with Solid Plugg in "The Ultimate Heist", participates in the Golden Fist Tournament in "No Honor Among Bros", and makes a small escape attempt in "Universe Vs. Tennyson". In "Final Countdown", freed by Rook to stop Kundo, and tried to get Ben's hand in love in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".


Having a muscular build with pink skin and yellow eyes, Fistina mainly wears a mech suit, which is orange at first, but changes to white when she becomes a Plumber.


The partner in crime to Bubble Helmet, Fistina seems to not care about much barring the chance to fight anyone in her way. With a love for jewelry and flirty, she falls in love for Rook, wanting to help and marry him.

Powers and Abilities

Fistina mainly uses her suit to fight, giving her superhuman strength and durability, plus the ability to shoot out her foot to grapple on to things.


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