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You tried the solo act, it didn't work out so well.
~ Fizzarolli in Blitzo's hallucination

Fizzarolli is a recurring antagonist in Helluva Boss. He serves as one of the major antagonists, alongside Verosika Mayday and Striker, of the episode 6 "Truth Seekers". He's a demonic jester that works in a separate park in hell called Lu Lu World.

He is voiced by Alex Brightman, who also plays his robotic version Robo Fizz.



Little is known about Fizzarolli, but what is known is that he is a demon clown who worked in Lu Lu World (a park made by Lucifer Magne). Somehow, Fizzarolli seems to have an story with Blitzo, since he said to Robo Fizz that he's a cheap, robotic rip-off of an overrated sellout jester. Truth Seekers further supported their possible relationship from the past.

Truth Seekers

He appeared as one of Blitzo's hallucinations caused by the truth gas. He appeared after Striker and before Verosika. He grabs Blitzo, throws him in the air, grabs him again, spins him in the air and throws him to the ground, all while calling him out for his bad relationships, failure in show business, loneliness and lack of independence. He appeares again shortly afterwards, alongside Verosika and Striker, while Blitzo is starting to climb heavenly stairs towards Stolas. He appears one last time, alongside Moxxie, Verosika and Striker, while Moxxie continues taunting Blitzo and calling him out for his flaws. Eventually, all of the hallucinations, including Fizzarolli, turn back to their original shapeless, slime-like forms as Fizzarolli taunts Blitzo one last time and laughs at him moments before the whole hallucination disappears.


Fizzarolli's personality is yet to be shown and it's unknown if his personality is the same as Robo Fizz. Although he did make a speaking appearance in Truth Seekers, he appeared in the form of Blitzo's hallucination and therefore it's unknown if his real personality is revealed. If the hallucination is indeed based on Fizzarolli's real personality, which is most likely to be true, then he is very provokative and likes taunting Blitzo, just as Robo Fizz.


  • Fizzarolli made a cameo in Murder Family and Loo Loo Land when he's seen in a drawing, on a box of cereal called "Greed Seeds" and on a poster advertising his puppet show called "Fizzarolli and the Handy Dandies".
  • A demon similar to Fizzarolli appeared in the trailer for season 1 of Helluva Boss. He was accompanied by the big demon who is most likely Asmodeus, the ruler of Lust Ring. However, it is unknown if that is Fizzarolli, Robo Fizz from Loo Loo Land or some other Robo Fizz.
  • Fizzarolli is the only character from Blitzo's halucination who didn't appear in reality prior to the events of Truth Seekers.
  • Although both Fizzarolli and Robo Fizz have a very similar appearance and abilities, including their flexible bodies, they have some major differences. If Blitzo's hallucination shows Fizzarolli's real appearance, then he has a tail and long sleeves, unlike Robo Fizz.
    • Also, Fizzarolli's appearance in hallucination seems like some sort of a black and white cartoon demon. However, it's very unlikely to be the case in reality considering his real appearance is showed in the earlier episodes (on a box of cereal, on a poster, etc.) and it is not black and white or cartoonish, but very similar to Robo Fizz instead (especially in terms of head, face and colors).

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