The Fizzy Milk Jug is the secondary antagonist of the DHMIS TV series pilot. He comes off as a cool, rebellious spirit though in actuality he's a drug-obsessed backstabbing coward that's a conformist to the police state created by The Key.



Fizzy Milk Jug first appears after Yellow Guy's puppy is melted. He starts ranting about how he and the yellow guy are oppressed by "the system." All while smoking, drinking, and coughing up fizzy milk. This rant convinces Yellow Guy that he wants to "be cool." With Yellow Guy saying he wants the jug to "tell" (teach) him how to be cool. He obliges, teaching him how to "smash the system", only for the jug to disapprove whenever he tries anything rebellious insisting he tries more fizzy milk.


The Fizzy Milk Jug and Yellow Guy eventually find themselves in the Town Hall with Duck Guy hooked up to a grotesque security machine. He insists that the Yellow Guy has gone too far and tries to stop him from committing property destruction (freeing his friend). His plans are eventually foiled, and the milk jug is considered cool no longer by Yellow Guy seeing him for what he really is a washed-up cowardice drug addict.



He looks to be an edgy rebellious pink "boiled beef" flavored fizzy milk jug in poor health. He wears sunglasses, a biker jacket and a belt that says punk on it to boot. His only hair is a disheveled beard and goatee. He has a pink straw which tends to act kind of like the second mouth of sorts considering he vomits from it irregularly, especially after drinking fizzy milk.


Fizzy Milk Drink Jug breaks the mold in terms of DHMIS teachers. Instead of being dismissive and manipulative he's sympathetic to the Yellow Guy's plight and answers his questions directly without interruption. Seeming to genuinely believe that Fizzy Milk with make him "cool". Instead of his lessons being forced like the other teachers Yellow Guy insists that he teach him how to be cool. Making his lessons voluntary.

On the other hand, he's very afraid of Duck Guy and tries to stop Yellow Guy out of cowardice.  The Jug's method of "fighting the system" is just to drink fizzy milk and if anything his selfish self-harming obsession is what he places above all others, hence his betrayal.


The fizzy milk most likely represents narcotics given how the Jug is dependent on the drink, how it negatively alters his health and that he convinces others that it's good for them, regardless of actual intention.  The Jug probably represents said drug users. Further backed up by how taking drugs can be seen as "cool" with the zany titles showing the superficial coolness of drinking said milk.


DHMIS-Yellow Guy SMASHES The System!!

DHMIS-Yellow Guy SMASHES The System!!


  • He's one of two villains in series to have facial hair and not be made by the machine.
  • The Jug is not dismissive or purposefully manipulative which is unusual for the series.


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