Beware, you puny pink pest! In the name of Lord Hyness... I'll turn you into a burning ball of meddlesomeness!
~ Flamberge

Flamberge (in Japanese: フラン・ルージュ, Furan Rūju) is a major antagonist in the 2018 Nintendo video game Kirby: Star Allies. She is a member of the Jambastion Cult and one of The Three Mage-Sisters who serve Hyness.

She is voiced by Rie Takahashi.



Prior to the events of Star Allies, Flamberge was a normal girl who was trapped in a fire. Before she suffocated after letting out a fiery scream, Hyness heard her cries and granted her the power of fire. Out of respect, she became one of Hyness' followers alongside Francisca and Zan Partizanne.

Kirby Star Allies

After Kirby defeated a possessed Meta Knight, the Jambastion Mages landed their Jambastation on Planet Popstar. Kirby goes to fight them, facing Flamberge right after he defeated Francisca

Flamberge was furious at Kirby for having harmed her comrade, vowing to make him "BURN" for it. However, she too was defeated by Kirby.

Kirby later found Flamberge taking a break from her mission and slacking off on a fiery planet. Upon seeing Kirby, Flamberge fights him again. After being fought off by Kirby, Flamberge flies to return to her base and is followed by Kirby and his allies.

During Kirby's fight with Flamberge's master, Hyness, the dark officiant hypnotizes Flamberge and the other two Mage Generals to use as weapons to against Kirby. After Hyness is defeated by Kirby, the Jambastion priest uses himself and the Mage Generals, including Flamberge, as offerings to complete the ritual to summon Void Termina

During the fight with Void Termina, Kirby and friends enter its body and find Flamberge trapped inside along with Hyness, Zan, and Francisca. After freeing them, they are all ejected from Void Termina's body. What happened afterwards to Flamberge and the other members of the cult are left unknown.

Heroes in Another Dimension

After the events of "Heroes in Another Dimension", Flamberge and the other Mage-Sisters redeem themselves and become allies with Kirby after he defeats them and Hyness for the final time and restores them from their corruption.


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