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Flame is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise. The first version of the character was created for the Marvel UK comic strip, where he is the main antagonist of the "City of Fear" story arc, debuting in the second part of the storyline, "Legion of the Lost", after being an unknown behind-the-scenes villain in the first part.

He was created by Simon Furman.


Flame was an Autobot scientist in the early days of the war with the Decepticons who sought to make Megatron's dream of activating a fusion reactor at the heart of Cybertron and turning the planet into a giant spaceship. His scheme was opposed by Emirate Xaaron, who saw the plan as too dangerous, and the Autobot Council refused to support his plans. Flame attempted to work on the engines alone but was believed killed in an explosion.

Flame in fact survived and spent four million years in hiding working on the scheme, going slowly mad. Just as he seemed ready to activate the engines, he caused an atomic explosion that devastated the above area. In order to avoid drawing attention to himself, Flame activated all the abandoned Transformers corpses nearby as an army who patrolled the city of Kalis, which both Autobots and Decepticons avoided. Since the Autobot resistance had just set up base in the city, Flame saw it as a chance to allow Emirate Xaaron to witness his triumph. He had him and his elite warriors the Wreckers captured by the zombies and taken to his base.

Flame prepared to complete his scheme but his army of zombies was defeated by the Wreckers, who were now backed up by Ultra Magnus, the Sparkabots and Decepticons Flywheels and Trypticon. Xaaron's prediction had proved correct and his reactor was dangerously unstable to an extent that was endangering all of Cybertron. Flame refused to listen to Xaaron and shut down the reactor however and ended up attacking his old friend, trying to kill him. However, the zombified version of the former Wreckers leader Impactor had had his original personality revived by contact with his old friends and came to Xaaron's defense, causing Flame to have his head impaled on a spike.


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