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The Flame Legion sometimes known as The Gold Legion by their enemies are a major antagonistic faction in Guild Wars 2 and they serve as the main villainous force in the Charr Personal Story Champaign. They are a faction of rouge Charr that have split off from the three main High Legions after it was discovered that they where caught worshipping false gods to achieve power. They are known for their crazed zealotry, affinity for magic, and bigoted views on Charr women.


The Flame Legion was one of the four main High Legions that splintered off after the death of the Last Khan-Ur which result in the Charrs' defeat and banishment from Ascalon. Still wanting to retake Ascalon from humanity, the Charr sought to find gods of their own to worrship and attain power from. It was during an expedition to Hrangmer that the Flame Legion discovered the Titans, who offered them great power in exchange for their servitude. The Flame Legion agreed, and in return were granted great unimaginable magical powers by the Titans. With their newly found power over magic, the Charr invaded Ascalon with sheer ferocity. However, this newly found power came at a price, the three other High Legions where forced to abide by the Flame Legion's new laws, with any talking against the Flame Legion resulting in execution. The leaders of the titan religion, the Shamans, often had to negotiate in secret due to this, lest the truth about the Titans is discovered. This all climaxed when a female Charr named Bathea Havocbringer rebelled against the Flame Legion Shamans and led a rebellion of female Charr against them. until she was captured and killed as sacrifice to the Titans. This act resulted in all female Charr being banned from warbands and being used for home duties instead, under the watchful supervision of the Shamans. Eventually the Charr all found out that the Titans are not gods, but are actually demons created by the dark god Abaddon, and so the religion fell apart and the Shamans lost power. The Flame Legion was eventually overthrown and cast out, allowing three main High Legions regain their power once more and all female Charr where given freedom to fight alongside their warbands.


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