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Only you can prevent fires in forests.
~ Flamey the Bear

Flamey the Bear is a recurring character from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry. He is a famous bear with his own show called The Flamey the Bear Show, where he teaches kids about the dangers of forest fires. Behind the curtains, however, he is an egotistical disrespectful man who does crack, goes to strip clubs, and have sex with girlfriends of his own fans. He first appeared in "Welcome to Paradise" and made his final appearance in "My Favorite Bear", where he was killed off the series.

He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who uses the same voice for him that he uses for Calculon from Futurama, (both of which have similar archetypes and personalities).


In "My Favorite Bear", The Flamey the Bear Show said that if anybody is caught starting a forest fire around him, Flamey the Bear would kill them. In the show, there were actors who played the roles of fires, who Flamey would then kill by crushing to death with giant buckets of water. Steve made it clear to Ethel that the deaths in the show were in no way fictional or stages and that innocent and unwilling actors really were being brutally slaughtered.

When Flamey the Bear appeared in person, he turned out to be an egotistical, narcissistic, selfish, jerk, who became even worse, when he drank alcohol. Woody forgot to warn Steve about Flamey's alcoholism and so Steve got Flamey drunk, causing Flamey to rampage around town, getting even drunker, smoking crack, going to strip clubs, driving recklessly, destroying property, and lighting his piss on fire, which burned down the entire Hazelhurst Titty Bar, burning Jorje to a crisp. Despite all of this, Steve still maintained his respect for him.

All of Steve's respect for Flamey was immediately lost, when he walked in on him having sex with Ethel, (who he thought was his girlfriend). Steve got really mad at Flamey and started ranting at him but then Flamey made a humble apology and Steve was dumb enough to forgive him.

Flamey was very quick to break his trust with Steve by signing Steve's autograph with a very graphic and detailed description of how he destroyed his "girlfriend's" vagina. Steve was officially fed up with Flamey's nonsense and pinned him against the wall and started ranting at him. Just at this time, Flamey went through drug withdrawal and dropped to the ground, where he slowly died. On his road to the end, Flamey used his final words to insult Steve and everything about his character. When Flamey finally died, Steve drove his patrol vehicle over his multiple times and then buried him in the ground with his ass sticking out.


  • He is an obvious parody on Smokey the Bear.


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