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Flash Point is one of the main villains on the TV series Black Scorpion.


Flash Point was once a photographer named Cameron Albright who was obsessed with capturing the vigilante Black Scorpion's identity on film, believing that if he took a picture of the black scorpion without her mask that he would be a hero. He set the vigilante up so her secret identity could be revealed, but before he could take her picture. The black scorpion used her ring, hoping to destroy his camera, but it also blinded him.

Furious at the loss of his sight, Cameron became obsessed with getting revenge on The Black Scorpion. With the help of his assistant Iris Lookingood. Albright renamed himself Flashpoint and built a huge laser that would blind the entire unless The Black Scorpion agreed to reveal her identity on live camera. The Black Scorpion had managed to outsmart Flashpoint by tricking him into thinking that she on live TV when she was really going after him.

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