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Well, well, well, if it isn't us... You know the worst part of inventing teleportation? Suddenly, you're able to travel the whole galaxy and the first thing you learn is you're the last guy to invent teleportation. Fortunately, you're about invent something much more powerful...
~ Flashback Rick introducing himself to Rick C-137.

Flashback Rick Sanchez is the overarching antagonist of the adult-animated science-fiction series Rick and Morty. He is an alternate version of Rick Sanchez who killed Rick C-137's wife and daughter, driving him to invent the portal gun and go on a futile mission of revenge, becoming the broken man he is today.

Like all of his other versions, he is voiced by Justin Roiland, who voiced Earl of Lemongrab in Adventure Time and Blendin Blandin in Gravity Falls.


If the flashback shown by Rick is fully accurate, Flashback Rick is much like the current Rick. He is an arrogant, nihilistic, narcissistic, self-righteous scientist with a god complex. He believes that the only thing that any Rick needs is his infinite selves, and he spent a lot of his time going to different Ricks throughout the multiverse and giving them the Portal Gun formula. However, Flashback Rick is shown to be incredibly spiteful and petty. He was surprised and angered when C-137 Rick refused to take the portal gun formula, and out of pettiness for having been rejected, he kills both Diane and Beth.


As shown in flashbacks depicted in "The Rickshank Redemption" and "Rickmurai Jack", prior to Flashback Rick's arrival, the C-137 dimension version of Rick Sanchez was a small-time inventor married to a woman named Diane, and with a daughter named Beth. Flashback Rick entered Rick's dimension as he was attempting to perfect his portal technology, and tries to convince him to become an interdimensional traveler. However, C-137 Rick instead opts to stay with Diane and Beth, much to the other's frustration. Flashback Rick leaves the dimension, but not before killing Diane and Beth with a bomb, as C-137 Rick watches in horror. Bitter with vengeance, C-137 Rick eventually invented the portal gun and killed many alternate versions of Rick in his attempts to kill Flashback Rick, but these efforts ultimately proved fruitless, and although Flashback Rick's whereabouts remain unknown it is presumed he is still alive and has yet, if at all to face justice for his crimes.



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