Linus, I’ve joined the Wanderers. I’ve had enough of being treated like your family’s anger on the poor relation! (Linus: They killed your mother, Fleck!) They are the future! You never got it have you? All of you like here think life’s about togetherness. Well it’s not! It’s about survival of the strongest, of the cruelest!
~ Fleck explaining to Linus why he betrayed the pride and joined the Wanderers.

Fleck is the secondary antagonist in the 2004 British film Pride. He is the nephew and adoptive son of Macheeba and the cousin and adoptive brother (and possible half-brother) of Suki and Linus.

He was voiced by Martin Freeman.


As a cub, Fleck became orphaned when his mother was killed by Harry, a member of a rogue pride called "The Wanderers" and was taken in by his aunt and raised along with his cousins Suki and Linus. Together, they did not get along because Fleck would drink all of Macheeba's milk for himself and when they berated him for it, he told them that they must be nice to him because he is an orphan.

Years later as an adult, Fleck attempted to seduce Suki but fails, which leads to, along with her vegetarian diet and negligence to hunt, her departure from the pride. At the end of the film during the standoff against the pride and the Wanderers, Fleck joins the Wanderers after not being accepted by his pride. Following Harry's death and before departing with Dark, Fleck swears vengeance against his former pride, declaring that he will be back with a group of highly trained lions.


  • In the film, Fleck calls himself an orphan following his mother's death. However, this would be half-true as his father would be either James or Eddie (the dominant males of the pride) as in real life lion society, the dominant male lions father all the cubs in their pride. If this is the case, this would mean that Fleck is both the cousin and half-brother of Suki and Linus (whose father is either James or Eddie).
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