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We're gonna have so much fun!
~ Fleegle's most famous quote.

Fleegle the Beagle is one of the two main antagonists of the 2019 direct-to-video horror comedy film The Banana Splits Movie. He is the leader of the Banana Splits and one of the four mascots created by Karl that go on a rampage after their show was cancelled.

He was portrayed by Terry Sauls and voiced by Eric Bauza.


Fleegle is a light brown beagle dog wearing a large red bow tie and two black buttons. He has black circles around his eyes, a white snout, hairless feet, and his tongue is always sticking out, giving him a lisp. Parts of his costume get torn off throughout the film, revealing the terminator-like endo-skeleton underneath.


Fleegle was a happy-go-lucky mascot like everyone else at the beginning. However, after he learned his show was cancelled and because of his faulty programming, he and his friends go on a rampage.

His first kill happens when he encounters Thadd and Poppy. He saws Thadd in half, leaving Poppy crying, but not before she tears off the costume on Fleegle's left arm.

Later, Fleegle and Drooper make Rebecca (Whose hand had been broken by Fleegle in an escape attempt) and Jonathan (who was already harmed before by Drooper) go on a slippery obstacle course. At the end, Fleegle throws Jonathan to his death.

Even later, Fleegle and Drooper make a "show" for the children they kidnapped, in which they rip Andy, a worker, apart limb from limb and set Stevie's corpse on fire.

At the end, the redeemed Snorky helps the children escaped, while Beth, the mother of Harley and Austin, gets into a fight with Fleegle and Drooper. Fleegle and Drooper overpower Beth (Even if Fleegle lost a part of his costume on the head) and are about to kill her by seemingly burning her to death. However, Austin, Beth's oldest child, kills Fleegle by impaling him in the head with a crowbar.

At the end, Poppy, now completely crazy after Thadd's death, takes the corpse of Fleegle on the Banana Buggy, while taking the identity of the scrapped fifth Banana Split, Hooty. Fleegle quickly reactivates and starts laughing.


~ Fleegle after killing Thadd.
It's time to fly!
~ Fleegle, about to throw Jonathan to his death.
She took it down to hammer town!
~ Fleegle after Drooper smashed Rebecca's head
Well, who could that be?
~ Fleegle before Drooper brings Stevie's corpse.
Hey, Stevie! Mail's here!
~ Fleegle before setting Stevie's corpse on fire.
Silly Stevie! Smoking's bad for ya health!
~ Fleegle after setting Stevie's corpse on fire.
(Drooper: Great job, Snorky!) Put them with our other friends!
~ Fleegle and Drooper after Snorky brings Harley and his friend.
The show must go on!
~ Fleegle to the audience made of terrified children.
Banana... Split!
~ Fleegle after "the Wheel of Our Endings" lands on a Banana Split.
Drooper! Mail's here!
~ Fleegle to Drooper, about to kill Beth.
(in a distorted voice) Tra, la... la...
~ Fleegle's last words before seemingly dying.
~ Fleegle after activating at the end of the movie.



  • Fleegle and Bingo's feets were switched in this movie.
  • The Banana Splits Movie is speculated to be based on an old script for the Five Nights at Freddy's film. Assuming this is true, Fleegle may be based on one of the four animatronic characters.
    • The most obvious choice is Freddy Fazbear, as both Fleegle and Freddy are the leaders.
    • However, it would be very unlikely, as Fleegle, despite being the leader, is the first of the Splits to die and not the last, and main villains should always be taken out last. So another choice would be Bonnie the Bunny, as they both lose parts of their head and arm.
  • There is a foreshadowing motive that the Banana Splits destroy everyone's cellphones, which is their belongings, because they ensure no one calls the emergency of what's going on. In the scene, Fleegle vandalizes Thadd's cellphone while performing a "magic trick", and it's truly a fact. In another scene, Snorky rides on a Banana Buggy and runs over the cellphone that Mitch dropped while in a pursuit.
  • Fleegle is the only split that doesn't wear glasses.


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