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Flemming is the major antagonist of the 2011 horror film Hostel III. He is leader of Elite Hunting in Las Vegas.

He was portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann.


Member of the Elite Hunting organization Carter, has been captured as a prisoner along with his friends to get killed for pleasure. Carter reveals that he has the organization's tattoo on himself, and the guards let him go. Flemming along with his sidekick Travis, are seen in their office, talking with Carter, apologizing to him for the accidental imprisonment. While they are looking at the TV screen, Carter's "friend", Justin is seen strapped onto a chair, when the Masked Woman appears, and kills him with crossbows.

Later on, his other captured friend, Scott is seen strapped on the chair, and Carter gets sent to kill him. Scott asks him why is he doing it, and he goes on to explaining that he wants Amy for himself, since they were together before Scott got with them. Flemming then orders Carter to let Scott go from the chair, which escalates in Scott and Carter fighting against each other.

Scott manages to cut Carter's skin with the tattoo managing to escape, while another prisoner Victor also ends up escaping. Flemming then orders to get all of the prisoners murdered. Flemming then decides to set the whole building to explode, and tries to escape, but Carter then catches Flemming and kills him for vengeance.


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