Bending Unit 22 (serial #3370318), better known as Flexo. Flexo looks and sounds exactly like Bender with the exception of having a small triangular metal goatee on his chin.

Fry accidentally runs him over with a 20th-century gasoline-fueled car, a 1992 Latoura, and gives him "ass-whiplash". He becomes good friends with Bender, inspiring jealousy and suspicion from Fry, especially as Flexo often plays cruel jokes on him such as shooting a jet of poisonous chlorine in Fry's face for no reason.

Fry originally believes that Flexo is an evil twin of Bender and suspects that he will try to steal the crown from the Miss Universe pageant. However, it turns out that Bender is the one attempting to steal the crown and Flexo is actually trying to stop him, therefore making Bender the evil twin. The confusion surrounding whether Flexo is good or evil is also not helped by his rather sinister laughter.



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