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Evil Flippy, or better known as Fliqpy, is the split personality of Flippy. His evil personality is the main antagonist of the adult animated Internet/TV series Happy Tree Friends; he also appeared in its spinoff Ka-Pow! and is considered one of the most popular characters. He is also the arch-nemesis of his alter-ego Flippy and Lumpy. He has appeared in the video game called Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm as his normal counterpart, Flippy.

He is voiced by Aubrey Ankrum, who also voiced his good self until 2006 and Pop.


Evil Flippy/Fliqpy is a green bear who wears dog tags around his neck and a green beret with a checkered crest on his head; he also wears a green camouflage jacket. When "flipped out" he has lime green eyes, sharp teeth and a wicked grin.


He is a retired veteran soldier who fought in the Weaponized Animal Regiment (W.A.R.); he suffers from the loss of his fellow soldiers and squadmates as well as flashbacks of his time in the army. During his early career he along with his closest friends at the time, Sneaky and Mouse Ka-Boom went on a stealth mission to assassinate the Tiger General of the opposing forces which went awry; Flippy botched the attempt when his incompetence and lack of focus led to the deaths of his partners. Despite initially cowering in fear he ultimately snapped for the first time and had a violent breakdown during which he slaughtered everyone including the Tiger General himself making his head into a pizza for the remaining enemy troops. Another time while under attack or entrenched in enemy territory he witnessed a soldier with a gas mask having his face melted by fumes; he also witnessed innocents and other soldiers being mutilated and torched, aerial bombing raids and was even held captive among other things. During the main series it is unknown if Flippy retired or it is simply a time of peace. Flippy rarely appears, most likely due to his repetitive behavior.

He starts out friendly but if exposed to anything that reminds him of his past (sharp objects, loud noises, bright lights, etc.) he will "flip out" in a psychotic rage hence his name and kill almost anyone around him. This state is usually accepted as Fliqpy or "Evil" Flippy. Flippy initially had no idea of his rampages after reverting back but on one occasion found out and decided to seek professional help. He soon came into a battle with his evil self but discovered he was just making it up in his head. After defeating his evil self Flippy seemed to be cured though he still died regardless. Fans believed Flippy was cured from then on though later flip-outs dispelled these rumors.

Fliqpy normally carries a bowie knife and grenades but prefers improvising weapons from various objects or other victims, once skinning Shifty alive with a Christmas tree cookie and strangling Giggles with Cuddles's intestines.



  • "Operation Tiger Bomb" was the first time Fliqpy was shown by name; it was also the first time Flippy ever flipped out in the events of the "story".
    • "Double Whammy" was the only time Fliqpy appeared as a separate individual excluding nightmares: however, it was revealed that Flippy hallucinated at the time.
  • Flippy/Fliqpy has a total of five deaths and over 130 kills.
    • Despite being less murderous, Lumpy causes more deaths than him; he is also the only one to face Fliqpy and win.
  • Fliqpy is shown to be cannibalistic if one counted characters that were different species but still anthropomorphic.
    • This is supported in the episode "Party Animal" where he drinks a smoothie made out of the mime character, Mime. And other episodes such as Flippin' Burgers, Remains to Be Seen, and Easy for You to Sleigh.
  • He is the reason many considered Flippy a popular character with the largest fanbase in Happy Tree Friends.
  • Fliqpy has never been seen intentionally killing Cub which implies that Fliqpy does not register him as a threat or Flippy has enough influence to prevent himself from harming Cub; he is also never seen intentionally killing Handy despite hacking off his legs.
    • The only times Flippy snapped out of his Fliqpy mindset were when he tried killing Lumpy with a helicopter and Flaky screamed after seeing him kill everyone on the plane ride at a carnival.
  • It was confirmed by Kenn Navarro that Fliqpy acted as if he was still in the war and did not realize he was killing innocents, making it difficult to fully consider him evil; it is unknown how he would act if he knew his victims were civilians.


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