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Let's show him how we dance.
~ The female dancer

The Floating Whirlindas, also known as The Dancing Couple, are a couple of portrait ghosts that appeared in Luigi's Mansion and its 3DS remake. They were freed from their portrait by King Boo and now continue to dance like they did in life, except that now they cannot touch the ground for their lack of feet. They are the first ghosts encountered in Area 2.


Before the events of the game, thehe Floating Whirlindas used to be the local waltz champions. They reside in the Ball Room, but they won't appear until Luigi vacuums all the six dancing Ghost Guys. Once the Ghost Guys are gone, the Floating Whirlindas materialize in the room waltzing, making the floor they dance on spin, making it difficult for Luigi to catch them. The only way to capture them is having Luigi look away as the male dancer becomes visible exclaiming "Dance!" and both do a dance pose. This allows Luigi to expose their hearts and capture them with the Poltergust 3000. Once caught, Luigi will receive the key to the Storage Room.



  • The Floating Whirlindas' portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 10.
  • The Floating Whirlindas are one of the few portrait ghosts to have an unknown age, the others being Madame Clairvoya, Jarvis and the Clockwork Soldiers.


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